How The Thumb Phalange Reveals A Person's Fortune

We often raise and show our thumb to cheer up our friends. Why is the thumb only chosen to do such gestures is a matter of discussion. Palmists says that thumb represents the whole hand and generates confidence and positive strength in our mind. Each and every phalanges of thumb signifies a special thing or fact in the life of a native.

Palmists say that a thumb is an abode of knowledge and every phalange reveals mysterious facts about the native. These mysterious and hidden facts can only be unearthed by a skilled palmist as. If you also want to know the depth of Palmistry then keenly observe the thumb and try to understand what it indicates.
First, start with deep observation of your thumb. See whether it is made of 2 bony structures and has three phalanges like other fingers. It is said that the three phalanges stand for different things in a person’s life.

The first phalange of a thumb

A long first callus of a thumb indicates that the native has a very confident and ambitious nature. He builds his own life with his positive attitude and self confidence. He is aware of his work. But an elongated first phalange may also lead a person towards anti-social field where he may acquire proficiency in doing dangerous tasks.

On the other hand if the first phalange is very small then it means the native largely depends on others and cannot take responsible decision when it is required. It shows that he don’t take things seriously. And if the first phalange is wide then the native may have an aggravating nature. People who have this type of phalange which make a right angle are clever. They can think fast.

Second phalange of a thumb

People who have a long second phalange are said to be clever and cautious. They take active part in social and charitable works. Small second phalange at other end means that the person doesn’t think the outcome before doing a task and for this reason he falls in to troublesome works most of the time. And if the second lump of the thumb is pressed inwardly it indicates that the native is very sensitive and grave.

Third phalange of a thumb

The third phalange of a thumb is actually called the mount of Venus. Palmistry says that if the third phalange of a thumb is prominent and pinkish then it means that the native has romantic and cheerful nature.
The native has unique ability to be in happy state in adverse circumstances too. But excessive prominence of the mount of Venus or the third phalange of the thumb means too much attraction towards physical relationships. A level third phalange means the native is will not be very emotional.