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How Does Gana Influence Human Nature

There are many astrological parameters and measures to ascertain a person’s future and character. The Gana of the person reveals the basic temperament and the motivations that guide a person’s life.

1. Manushya gana
Vedic astrology says that people who are born in the Manushya Gana value self-esteem. Natives of this Gana are usually blessed with wealth and they lead an affluent life. People of this Gana have a good physique, tall body structure and big eyes.

They possess attractive physique and the well-defined structure of eyes and face enhance their beauty. The people of Manushya Gana have a warm and caring nature. They are very helpful to the distressed people around them.

2. Dev Gana
According to Astrology people born in dev Gana possess  many positive characteristics. They are attractive with  a nice physique. Dev Gana makes its native intelligent and sharp. They are simple people with wise thoughts.

People of Dev Gana are compassionate and humble; their helping attitude towards the disabled and the poor people is a prominent quality in their nature. They help the distressed people full heartedly.  The people of Dev Gana do not have voracious appetites and are frugal eaters.

3. Rakshas Gana
People who have rakshas Gana as their birth Gana may have a stubborn and rigid character. They act according to their will which sometimes may not be a good decision. They have a hefty body and may be quite aggressive.

They may have a tendency to fight over small issues. These may also sound harsh and may not be able to realize the impact that their words and actions have on the others. It is found that people of Rakshas Gana are prone to diabetes...