Horary Chart on Honour and Respect

There is a proverb saying, nothing is lost when wealth is lost but everything is lost when character is lost. It means wealth can be achieved by many means but it takes a long time and effort to make a good character and a respected person in society.

Honor and reputation are immortal things and remain after a person’s death. People want a respectable life and wish a similar kind of death but there are few people who get success in this. Life is full of ups and downs and people have to face the moments of crisis. Sometimes they achieve admiration and sometimes they are let down by the task. Astrology says that the respect and reputation of a person in his life time is because of the influence of planets in his kundli.

According to Vedic astrology the 10th house of a kundli signifies honour and respect. A native may achieve an honorable position in the society and respect in governmental field if there is auspicious 10th house and lord of the 10th house in the kundli.

It is said that the 10th house of a kundli provides favourable results for both malefic and benefic planets in it.

If we elaborately discuss the positions of planets in the 10th house then we can see how the planets influence a native’s reputation and honour of a native. Sun is very strong in the 10th house, its positioning this house means that the native may get respect and honour in governmental field. If Moon is in the 10th house it indicates that the person will receive admiration and love from his society. Mars also provides similar favourable results like Sun does to the native.

Now let’s see the impacts of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the 10th house (house of respect and honour) of a kundli.  if Saturn is stationed in the 10th house it makes the native karmayogi i.e. life will be full of laborious tasks. It develops serving attitude and the person gets adoration from working class.
Presence of Rahu in the 10th house indicates that the native will be famous in political sphere. If he is not directly associated with politics then also he will receive fame by indirectly associating with politics. For attaining spiritual knowledge placement of Ketu is considered very auspicious in the 10th house.

Astrology believes that auspicious planetary position provides positive results whereas the inauspicious planetary position gives negative results to a native. Indian astrology considers 1st, fourth, seventh and 10th houses as the Kendra house. As 10th house is one of the Kendra houses it is some  consideredafflicted due to the presence of Mercury and Jupiter. But these planets gives excellent results if the Ascendant is not of dual nature. Venus is also debilitated in the 10th house due to which the auspicious planets like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus provides results situation wise.

The 10th house is known as the karma house. A native receives respect and honour by his work. To achieve success, fame, admiration and respect from the society and profession combination of the 10th house or lord of the 10th house and Ascendant or lord of the Ascendant is required.
Another belief of astrology states that auspicious planet gets afflicted in the Kendra house and the debilitated planet provides favorable results to a native. The 10th house is the Kendra house of a kundli and that’s why the inauspicious planets also give positive results.
Last but not the least; Vedic astrology says that the 10th house provides positive results if auspicious planets are stationed in the house. The native have to work hard if inauspicious planets are in there in this house.