Horary Chart Reveals Whether Your Desire will be Fulfilled

Desires are the result of your cravings for worldly things. Basically desire is as immortal as the soul is; it never dies but changes its form. That means a new desire is born when one desire is fulfilled.

Human beings have limited physical strength and unlimited desires, as a result we sometimes, suppress our desires. When this suppressed desire becomes irresistible people consult astrologers who guide them in fulfilling the desires.

Astrology says that a person’s birth chart shows both the fulfilled and un-fulfilled desires of his life. The horary kundli can play a crucial role in revealing whether a person’s desire will bear fruit.

Astrologers say that the eleventh house of a horary kundli determines the desires of the native and considers Jupiter as the planet that fulfills the desires.

According to astrological principles the eleventh house, the lord of the eleventh house or if Jupiter resides in the horary kundli of a person in an auspicious position then his desires get fulfilled. To obtain benefits out of the fulfilled desires the ascendant should be auspicious too.

A person’s desire is attained in accordance with the planet located in the eleventh house of his kundli. If we discuss the role of other planets in this house, position of Sun suggests accomplishment of his desires related to government sector.

A person’s desires related to the society is fulfilled by Moon’s position in the eleventh house of his kundli. A person’s hidden wish of receiving honour or position from the society is fulfilled if Mars is in the eleventh house of the kundli.

Position of Mercury in the eleventh house of a kundli indicates that a person’s desires will be fulfilled within a very short time and he will get full assistance from his friends.

If you have a desire to get benefit from your wife’s side then presence of Venus in the eleventh house of your kundli is essential. If Venus is suitably placed, women officials will help you.

Saturn in the eleventh house of the kundli will fulfill your desires but you will have to work hard to achieve them. If you have any desires related to the political sphere, presence of Rahu in the eleventh house of your kundli is required. Position of Ketu in the eleventh house accomplishes spiritual desires.

According to astrologers, along with the auspicious planets the inauspicious ones also provide good results in the eleventh house of a person’s kundli. Aspect on the eleventh house by planets also deliver auspicious results. It is said that, aspects of Jupiter and Moon on this house provides immediate and positive results to a person.

The eleventh house creates obstacles in fulfilling desires of a person when the sign of the house is  debilitated or combust or a planet is debilitated in the same.