Horary Chart Can Reveal Your Love Life

It is said that ‘love is blind’. It is because love doesn’t see the position or the age of a person, it just happens. Love is such a word that it takes you to another realm. If you are also in love and want to know the intensity and genuineness of your love Horary chart can clarify your questions related to love.

Love has a divine power which transforms an ordinary man to the height of a divine being. Radha-Krishan, Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjhe, and Romeo-Juliet are some immortalized couples who are idolized by all the lovers of this world. Perhaps everyone wants to be conquered by love and do something really remarkable but not everyone has that fate.

Astrologers say that the fifth house of the Horary Kundali is considered to ascertain the love life of men and women. But planet significators for love are different in men and women.

Let’s clarify this information by giving an example. If a man wants to know about the status of love in his life then the 5th house and the Lord of the 5th house are checked. In case of a man, the Moon and Venus are considered.

If a woman wants to know about her love life then along with the 5th house and Lord of the Ascendant of the 5th house, Jupiter is considered along with Moon.

Love intensifies and brings happiness when a Kundali has auspicious relationships, aspects, and combination of above-stated house, Ascendant or Lord of the Ascendant and responsible planets.

But if the combination has debilitated planets and the combination with the Ascendant or Lord of the Ascendant is not very harmonious then love life may be afflicted or may be unsuccessful.

If there is an exalted Mars along with auspicious placements of Moon, Jupiter, and Venus, then the person will be able to have a successful love life and marry the person of their choice. Unfavorable planetary position in the Kundali hampers the love status and the native may not be able to marry the desired person.

Astrology holds the placement of Sun, Saturn and Rahu in the native’s Kundali responsible for the failure of a relationship. If the 5th house, Lord of the 5th house, and the combination of Moon, Jupiter and Venus are aspected by the Sun, Saturn or Rahu then it is an indication of a negative result. Astrology says that Saturn is very damaging with respect to love.

There are certain combinations which favor love life. These are:

  1. Venus the symbol of love and marriage in combination with Mars and Mercury having benefic aspects will result into a good love life.

  2. Venus if in conjunction with Jupiter in the seventh house, the native will get a beautiful and committed partner with a spiritual bent of mind.

  3. Jupiter if in conjunction with the Moon in the seventh house, the native will have a happy love life.

  4. The second house, fifth house, seventh house, eighth house, and the twelfth house should be free from malefic influence to have a happy love and married life.

  5. The connection between first, fifth, eleventh houses with Venus will determine if a love relationship will materialize and the longevity of relations will depend on the association of Jupiter with these planets.

  6. Transit of favorable Dasha will be helpful in culminating love relationships.

There are certain other combinations which disrupt love life. These are:

  1. Saturn in conjunction with Mercury in the fifth or the seventh house will make the native impotent.

  2. Venus or Jupiter combust will disrupt the love life of the native.

  3. Rahu/Ketu axis in the fifth house disrupt spoil the love life.

  4. Venus and the Sun in the seventh or twelfth house will deplete the love and sexual urge of the native.

  5. Fifth and seventh house if afflicted by malefics will mar the love life of the native.

Navamsa chart should also be studied along with the birth chart to assess the love life of the native. In a horoscope, Jupiter is the Karaka for judgment, wisdom, and real love and Venus is the Karaka for materialistic comforts, desires, sex, and luxuries.

If they both have a connection in the horoscope it will be good for the love life of the native.Love is a delicate matter as it is associated with heart and emotions. Predictions should be done carefully and after evaluating all conditions so as to give accurate results.