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Formation of Eclipses and Their Impacts

Eclipse is disappearance of a planetary object from eyesight. Total disappearance of a planetary object is called Full eclipse and partial disappearance is called Partial eclipse.

In our solar system the planets revolves around Sun in their orbit. The planets are situated at different distances from the Sun like Mercury is about 36 milion miles away from the Sun, Venus is located at the distance of 67 million miles miles and earth has a distance of 91 million miles miles from the Sun. This way Moon, Mercury and Venus can come between the Sun and the Earth resulting an eclipse.

Similarly, Mars is situated at the distance of 128 million miles from the Sun, Jupiter is about 460 million miles far away and Saturn is stationed at a distance of 840 million miles from the Sun. the planets revolves around the Sun as it is the centre of the solar system. When Venus and Mercury transits further from the Earth and are at the other side of their orbit, then Sun comes between these 2 planets and Earth. The Sun never transits between Moon and Earth.

A planetary combination is formed when 2 planets come close to a point of a sign. In this state the planets influence the surrounding by their brightness which is called planetary arc. The Sun is the most powerful amongst all planets which has an arc of 170 minutes.
The Moon has 120 minutes arc and the rest of the planets have 70 minutes arc. It is auspicious if friendly planets make combination. The combination of 2 inauspicious planets at a point of a sign gives negative results.

How are Planets Eclipsed
Planets make combination with the Sun when a relationship is formed. When a planet comes close to Sun it either becomes combust, inactive or eclipsed. In this circumstance a planet is debilitated. But combination with the Moon makes a planet strong.

A planet which is situated at 50 minutes distance from Sun is fully eclipsed whereas one located at 100 minutes away from Sun is normally eclipsed and is out of eclipse after crossing the distance of 150 minutes from the Sun.

Impact of Eclipsed Planets
Vedic Astrologers give importance to planetary combinations in predictive astrology whereas Western astrologist says that planets are not as important as their combinations are.

In Vedic astrology planetary combinations are important in prediction, collecting information, transition and other astrological works like considering muhurats and etc. above all planetary combination have great influence on human lives.