Business and Money in your Kundli

Everyone has several questions on their mind when it comes to their work.

  • What type of work should I do?

  • Should I do a job or a business?

  • Which field will be ideal for me?

People want to earn to lead a good life. A good job or business reduces several problems in a person’s life. Good work ensures success and happiness in a person’s life.
Vedic Astrology has taken into account all the aspects of a person’s life. Astrology can help you decide which area of expertise you should pursue and is most suited for you.
With the help of Yogas related to job and business it becomes easy to determine which field will be useful and fruitful for a person.

Business or Job

While selecting a career a person may face a dilemma to choose between a job versus business. Many a times we do not understand which between the two would be suitable for us. As when we do a job we will have to work under someone's control and in the business, we will be work independently and are our own master. The two things are completely different from each other one requires us to do a job and in the other one has to get work done from someone else.

In Vedic Astrology

  1. The Seventh and the Tenth House play a very important role in determining if a person will do a job or will run a business.

  2. Along with this we also need to look at Varg Kundali and Dashmesh Kundali which make things even more clear.

  3. As per Vedic Astrology if at the time of a person’s birth the planets in their 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th or 11th house is on the weaker side then it would be ideal for the native to do a job.

  4. On the other hand if the planets are in a powerful state then it would be ideal to run a business.

How 2nd house determines the financial status?

The 2nd House of a Janam Kundali represent money and this house determines the financial status of the native. It also determines the success of a person. Benefits from partnership in business and prosperity in business is also determined by this house.

Status of wealth and income from 4th to 7th house

The 4th house of a Janam Kundali represents father’s wealth. The 5th house brings in sudden gain of wealth. If there is a strong planet positioned in that house, the native may also win a lottery. Business partnerships and benefits from marriage can be determined by analysing the 7th house.

Suitable profession from 8th to 12th house

According to Indian astrological principles, the 8th house in the horoscope also depicts the cause of of native’s sufferings but also indicates the income of the native. Sudden funding gain from home, benefits from betting and financial benefit from women are also indicated by this house.

  1. The 9th house of a kundali is known as the house of destiny. This house is the indicator of all the things native receives through luck.

  2. The 10th house determines business, job and career. This house indicates public service and personal income.

  3. What will be the income of a native and how much profits will be earned is determined by the 11th house.

  4. The 12th house indicated the spending habits of a native. How spendthrift the native is, how much he or she is likely to spend. One can determine income and expenditure of a native from the 12th house.

Planets in 10th house depict income

As stated earlier the 10th house of a person’s Janam Kundali indicates if a person will do a job or run a business. Because of this, the 10th house is also known as the Karma House. The planets in the 10th house determine the native’s livelihood. Let us understand how various planets in the 10th house impact native’s livelihood.

1. Sun in the 10th house

If the Sun is in the 10th house then the native may benefit from state or ruling party. Native is highly respected. The native may benefit from gold. He or She may become financier, jeweler, legal, managing director or someone who works closely with children. The placement of sun in the 10th house indicates the person may play the role of his father in life.

2. Moon in the 10th house

Moon in 10th house is an indicator of wealth from the maternal side, there is a probability of success in all the aspects regulated by Moon. The native will benefit and attain success from trips, sailing, water related tasks, business related to liquor business, clothes laundry, herbs, medicines, food management, fish related jobs, gardening profession etc This position of the Moon may also bring in benefits in the form of ancestral property.

3. Mars in the 10th house

With Mars in 10th house the native may also benefit from his opponents. Mars signifies fire and the native may profit from fire related tasks, work related to the department of defense, military, security force, land, property, house, rent, etc The native may also attain a senior position in the field of police, fire service, sports, etc.

4. Mercury in the 10th house

The native may earn money in the education field. He or she may benefit through his or her voice. Professions such as attorney, artist, consultant, spokesman etc. are advisable. The native may also consider working in the garments industry, writing, working as a stenographer or accounting officer. The native may earn livelihood through activities related to machinery, entertainment and art. Mercury is considered to spearhead business. In this context, the native will have good verbal skills and intellect. The native is likely to attain success if Mercury is placed strongly in the 10th house.

5. Jupiter in the 10th house

If Jupiter is in the 10th house then the native is likely to benefit from activities that involves consultation. The person can become a good spokesperson. The person can also benefit from professions in the education field. The native may also be involved in activities related religion. He or she may be the trustee of a temple. Jupiter paves way for professions that require the native to guide other people in career etc.

6. Venus in the 10th house

When the position of Venus in the 10th house is strong then the person will profit from professions related to art. He or she can do well as a poet, artist, fashion designer, beautician, decorator, etc.

7. Saturn in the 10th house

Saturn is related to service, it signifies job. The native with a strong Saturn planet in the 10th house is likely to be inclined towards doing a job. Saturn makes the native struggle quite a bit. Native is likely to be successful in tourism, iron, wood furniture, cement and chemical industry.

8. Dashmansh Kundali

Dashmansh Kundali is also called D-10 Kundali. Dashmansh Kundali is used to attain prosperity, reputation, honor and livelihood in business, success in society etc. Analysis of Dashmansh Kundali plays a very important role in the livelihood of a native. It is as important as analysing a Lagna or Navansh Kundali.

In both the horoscopes it is necessary to assess the status of Dasam Bhav and Dashmesh, the strength of the planets and their auspiciousness. The strength of planets is also evaluated in the ninth and tenth horoscope. Some scholars consider it necessary to assess the tenth house from Saturn and Guru too. The strength and goodwill of the second, ninth and eleventh house are also taken into account for livelihood. While the 2nd house is that of wealth, the 11th house is considered to signify profits and the 9th house along with being the house of Lakshmi Goddess is also the house of destiny.

Thus, on the basis of different yogas and status of a person's birth chart, it can be determined if a person will adopt a job or business.