The Ekargal, Upagraha and Yuti Doshas are Malefic for Marriage Muhurat

Marriage is the most important event in one's life among all the civilised societies throughout the world where human values have precedence over money and wealth. In India, it is said that marriages are made in heaven and are predestined.

It is a bond of love of several previous births and therefore when one gets married, he or she gets married for whole life. On account of these reasons, utmost attention is paid to marriage Muhurat so that marriage may last for life. Marriage is not just a Sanskara but an institution by itself.

A marriage Muhurat can be afflicted with various Doshas. Astrology says that the day of the marriage should be fixed after thoroughly considering these Doshas. People who do not bother about these Doshas may face difficulties and problems in their marriage. In this article we will discuss about some of these Doshas. There are ten blemishes or Doshas out of which we will be discussing three important ones.

Ekargal Dosha

The Ekargal Dosha is also known as Kharjoor Dosha. This Dosha is afflicted on the marriage Muhurat when planets are situated at odd distance of 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th house covering all the 28 nakshatras including Abhijit while determining the Nakshatra position of Sun and Moon.

This Dosha becomes malefic if the distance of the Nakshatras between Sun and Moon is uneven and any inauspicious Yoga like Vyatipata, Shoola, Ganda, Vyaghat, Vaidhrit, Vajra, Vishkumbha, Paridhi or Atigand is situated between Sun and Moon’s distance. This Dosha is ineffective if Moon is located on the Samsangyak Nakshatra or you may say even number Nakshatra.

Upagrah Dosha

The Upagrah Dosha is formed when a relationship is established between the Sun’s Nakshatra and marriage Nakshatra. If the Nakshatra of marriage is situated at either of the 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 or 25th Nakshatra from the Nakshatra of the Sun then this Dosha is created.

For example the marriage day has Moon on Mrigashira Nakshatra and Sun on Ashwini, astrologer after calculation finds that Mrigashira is situated at the 5th place from Ashwini (Sun’s Nakshatra) for which Upagrah Dosha is formed. Astrologers say that marriage should not be fixed during this inauspicious Dosha as the bride and groom may be afflicted by its malefic impact.

Yuti Dosha

Yuti Dosha is another condition which may harm a marriage Muhurat. While determining the date of marriage astrologer carefully studies the combination of planet, Nakshatra, Tithi and other aspects of the day to find an auspicious Muhurat for the marriage. Yuti Dosha is malefic in this purpose. It is formed by the combination of Moon’s Nakshatra and any malefic Nakshatra like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

According to astrological principles Yuti is always inauspicious whether it is made up of malefic or benefic planets. But its malefic power lessens when;

  • Moon is exalted and situated in its own sign.

  • If Jupiter aspects the Moon or is stationed with the Moon on the centre house.

  • Combination of Moon and any malefic planet on a Nakshatra and if their signs are different then Yuti Dosha becomes futile.

Having discussed the above Doshas in marriage Muhurta, attention should be paid to the Lagna. Lagna Lord and its placement in quadrants and trines will to a great extent reduce the malefic effects of Doshas prevalent at that time. Benefic Lagna should be chosen for marriage. If Sun and Moon are present in eleventh house they can remove many Doshas.The two major benefic planets Jupiter and Venus should not be combust.