Din Koota Gives Information about the Future of a Marriage

Marriage is an integral part of human life. Marriage is not just an occasion but it is a symbol of promise, faith, responsibility and love between two people. According to Vedic principles, a girl should be handed to an able groom in her youth. Parents are serious about their children’s marriage. Vedic astrology considers ‘Kanya Daan’ as a virtuous deed.

Kundali matching before solemnizing a marriage is practiced in our Indian society. Parents and guardians consult astrologers to match the Kundalis of the boy and the girl. The positive and negative factors of birth charts are assessed. Based on the birth charts the astrologer determines if ‘Gunas’ of both the Kundalis match.

The more the Gunas match, the better it is for married life whereas fewer Gunas may turn things odd between the couple. Gunas are used to determine the relationship between the couple, their financial stability, professional life, children, domestic life and longevity.

South Indian astrologers determine Beeskoota for marriage matching where Din Koota is also a vital factor. Astrology says that a Nakshatra month has 27 days and Moon covers the distance of a Nakshatra in a day, which is known as Nakshatra day or a Din Koota. In this article, we will discuss the methods of matching Kundalis with respect to Din Koota and its impact on the marriage.

In Din Koota the husband’s Nakshatra is counted from the wife’s Nakshatra. There are 3 circles, each made of 9 nakshatras, thus there are a total of 27 Nakshatras.

A Nakshatra circle has a series of 9 Nakshatras in the pattern of:

  • Death

  • Love

  • Danger

  • Happiness

  • Sorrow

  • Wealth

  • Disease

  • Child

  • Friendship

Astrologers predict the future of married life based on the distance of the boy’s Nakshatra from the girl’s Nakshatra, simultaneously matching their Gunas from Kundalis.

For example let’s say the girl’s Nakshatra is Rohini and the boy’s Nakshatra is Punarvasu, after counting we see that boy’s Nakshatra is the 4th Nakshatra from girl’s. This means they will have a happy and prosperous married life.

Some astrologers believe that in Din Koota future prediction is possible by commencing counting from the boy’s Nakshatra. But in this case, Vipat and Vadtara turn out malefic amongst 3 Nakshatra cycles.

Astrology says that it is excellent if the result obtained is 0 or an even number after dividing the sum by 9 while counting the number of Nakshatra from either the boy or girl’s birth Nakshatra.

Following the above methodology, if the result obtained is an odd number then it may be a negative indication for the married life of the couple. However the married couple can get relief of the malefic impact of Din Koota if their Kundalis have the Gunas of Graha Maitri or Yoni Maitri.

Din Koota matching is important for a long-lasting and trouble-free marriage. An auspicious Din Koota is recommended for a successful marriage. A bad match can be very inauspicious for marital life.

Marriage is an important step in life and should not be taken lightly. Expert advice from an astrologer in person is absolutely necessary before concluding anything.