Horoscope Explorer

Components of the Horoscope

Astrology says that to make birth chart 3 pieces of information are required. These are date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

A perfect kundli is only possible when all the 3 factors for the person are supplied correctly. Using this data first the Ascendant is determined, and then placements of planets in different houses are done according to the tithi. In this way Janmang is created.

Beyond The Janma Kundali
After this astrologers create the Moon chart of the native. In this chart the Moon sign of the native is placed as the Ascendant and other planets are placed in their respective signs. Vimshottari dasha is determined from the nakshatra and charans of the Moon. The Kundli prepared up to this stage is called small horoscope.

Mathematical astrology is used to make the complete total birth chart. Astrologers find out the strength of planets using the Shad Bala system. Another important thing is the Varg sarani through which accurate information about the houses can be found out.

Sodash Varga
While making kundli of a new born, astrologers makes Sapta varga, Das vargh, Shodash Vargh kundalis if there is a requirement. The other things in the kundli which are considered important are Gandamul nakshatra and Manglik dosha.

Gandamul & Manglik
There are 6 Gandamul nakshatras and if a baby is born in any Gandamul nakshatra then astrologer perform the ceremony of Mula Shanti due to which negative impact of the nakshatra can be reduced.

Manglik dosha is another inauspicious combination in the kundli. Astrology says that while marriage matching the kundli should be thoroughly judged whether it has any manglik dosha or not. It is a general conception that natives born in this dosha do note have a very happy married life. There are remedies that can be performed in case of the Manglik Dosha