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Characteristics of the Natives of Shravan Nakshatra

Vedic astrology gives huge importance to Nakshatras. It says that a native’s entire life is influenced by his or her birth nakshatra. Her life is influenced by nakshatra, lord of the nakshatra, sign and lord of the sign. In this article we will discuss the nature of a native born in Shravan nakshatra.
Shravan nakshatra is considered an auspicious nakshatra in Vedic astrology. The nakshatra is named after an Indian mythical character Shravan Kumar, utmost devotee of his parents.
Moon is the lord of this nakshatra and the 4 quarters of this nakshatra are in Capricorn. Natives of this nakshatra are very caring and fond of their parents. They have a very warm and pious nature.
Natives born in Shravan nakshatra are responsible to their duties. They are very reliable and never hurt anyone’s trust. Shravan natives are religious and search for the eternal truth. People know them for their spiritual and honest nature.
They earn a good livelihood. Another specialty of their character is that they are very conscious about works and for this reason their work does not contain a mistakes.
Natives of Shravan are intelligent. With their merit they have many ideas and plans but due to secret enemies they have to leave their plans incomplete in mid way. Shravan nakshatra gives its natives self-esteem and courage. Basically they are fearless and do not hesitate to call spade a spade.
Coming in to livelihood, astrology says that both service and business are favorable for the natives of Shravan nakshatra. They successfully earn from any of these careers. Natives of Shravan nakshtra are interested in medical science, engineering, education and art. They have a sound financial life as they don’t squander money uselessly. People misunderstand them as miser because of this nature.
Shravan natives are loved and honored in the society for their straight and simple behavior.