Characteristics of the Natives of Shravan Nakshatra

Vedic astrology gives huge importance to Nakshatras. It says that a native’s entire life is influenced by his or her birth nakshatra. Her life is influenced by nakshatra, lord of the nakshatra, sign and lord of the sign. In this article we will discuss the nature of a native born in Shravan nakshatra.

Shravan nakshatra is considered an auspicious nakshatra in Vedic astrology. The nakshatra is named after an Indian mythical character Shravan Kumar, utmost devotee of his parents.

Moon is the lord of this nakshatra and the 4 quarters of this nakshatra are in Capricorn. Natives of this nakshatra are very caring and fond of their parents. They have a very warm and pious nature.

Natives born in Shravan nakshatra are responsible to their duties. They are very reliable and never hurt anyone’s trust. Shravan natives are religious and search for the eternal truth. People know them for their spiritual and honest nature.

They earn a good livelihood. Another specialty of their character is that they are very conscious about works and for this reason their work does not contain mistakes..

Shravan nakshatra comes in Capricorn sign. The lord of this nakshatra is Lord Vishnu and ruling planet is Moon. Just like lord Vishnu upkeeps the world and protects the creatures, similarly the native also has a sense of protection & respect towards others. The native have the ability of intelligence & tact. He is always ready to help weak people. He protects the saints. He has an amazing patience.

He does work with full efficiency. He is a good leader, who protects the weaker class. The native is also interested in things related to art & music. He is a good consultant who gives correct advice. There are three stars in this nakshatra & these depict the three legs sign of Lord Vishnu.

Shravan means to listen, which means this nakshatra develops the capability of listening to the sorrows and thoughts of others. The native develops a better ability of hearing. The native listens to the thoughts of others & moves forward after considering all the things. Some scholars associate this nakshatra with the Goddess of knowledge ie. Saraswati. Gaining knowledge is only possible by listening to others. After listening, one can understand things better & move on.

Due to the effect of Shravan nakshatra, qualities like peace and friendship can be seen in the native. The native is well-organized and friendly. He moves forward by being responsible towards his work. Native is trust-worthy and makes efforts on his behalf. He never hurts the trust of others. The native is religious and is always looking for truth. People know them for their spiritual & honest nature. They are always engaged in earning money.

They are aware of their work and due to this faults cannot be easily found in their work. The native makes many policies. They also trust others easily. But sometimes this trust can become the reason for their problems. Due to secret enemies, their thought projects cannot materialise. The native lives with self-respect & courage. They work fearlessly.

He tries to take everyone together and move forward. There is a sense of love and dedication in the family. Their ownership is good & they have a better ability to lead. The relationship with life partner is also satisfactory, but along with this other relations cannot be ignored. He can receive tensions or problems from children’s side. He is involved in religious work and he also tries to work according to societal norms.

Males born in Shravan Nakshatra

The males born in this nakshatra have an attractive body and have a medium height. There is no mark on the face. No mole and mark can be seen on their face. Due to this lack in beauty can be seen. Their eyes can be round and can reflect redness. Forehead is broad. Hands can also be a little big and body can be lean. Their hais can be rough. They may have a habit of speaking intermittently. He may also like to speak less. Sometimes, due to the effect of planets their complexion can be a little wheatish. Nose and ears can be a little engraved.

He can impress others with their ability of talking. They do every work with neatness. They are also efficient in their work. There are principles and rules in the person's life too and the person also tries to live his life in this way. The native has the habit keeping surroundings clean, he doesn’t like disorganised environment.

The person becomes unhappy by seeing the miseries of others. He also likes to respect his guests and serve them with dignity. He is religious and is a follower of Jupiter. He likes to follow truth and live the life on it. The natives likes to serve selflessly. He tries to help everyone on his behalf.

He can be a better politician. There good deeds can create jealousy in others. Their attractive smile can mesmerise others. After meeting them, it is not easy to forget them. The native lives a ordinary life. Even though being an illiterate person, there is a sense of maturity in him. With his intellectual experience and knowledge he can also find a higher position amongst people.

Qualities of a good consultant can also be seen in the natives of Shravan nakshatra. They can find solutions to any problem, be it personal or societal and people come to them for taking advice. They also have a desire to forgive their enemies. Normally, the time till 30 years of age is filled with changes for the native. After that stability comes till the age of 50 years. Married life doesn’t look favourable. Married life will be normal. As a life partner, the person will be blessed with good qualities and obedient lover. There is excess in the relations of the native.

Females born in Shravan Nakshatra

Females born in Shravan nakshatra are attractive. They maintain trust and love on their behalf. Similar qualities like that of males can be seen in them. They will be tall and lean, face can be broad, head can also be a little broad. The teeth of the native can also be a little big. Their can be gap in front teeth, nose will also be big. She believes in charity.

They are more interested in religious works. She will get the opportunity to travel pilgrimages. She can be a little cunning also. Will be sensitive towards poor. She can adjust according to the situation. But cannot adjust according to the life partner. She can be talkative or we can say are fast speaker.

They are expert in dancing and can work by getting associated with these kinds of artistic works. But in some cases, she might receive unsatisfactory results. Like, she can reconcile easily with outsiders, but will fail when it will come to reconcile with the family members. Conflicts with life partner will be more.

Natives of Shravan are intelligent. With their merit, they have many ideas and plans but due to secret enemies, they have to leave their plans incomplete in midway. Shravan nakshatra gives its natives self-esteem and courage. Basically, they are fearless and do not hesitate to call spade a spade.

Coming into a livelihood, astrology says that both service and business are favorable for the natives of Shravan nakshatra. They successfully earn from any of these careers. Natives of Shravan nakshatra are interested in medical science, engineering, education, and art. They have a sound financial life as they don’t squander money uselessly. People misunderstand them as miser because of this nature. Shravan natives are loved and honored in the society for their straight and simple behavior.