Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra is the 10th nakshatra out of the total 27 Nakshatras. It extends from 120:00 degree to 133:20 degree in the constellation. There is a little confusion regarding the number of stars in this constellation. Some say it is formed by 6 stars and some say it is formed by 5 stars. The 5 stars forms the shape of a sickle or stick, whereas 6 stars form the shape of a royal sedan or the throne of a royal palace.

The deity of this Nakshatra is ‘ancestor or Pitra’. Sun is in transit in this Nakshatra in the month of August. The second half of the January month is considered as the month of Magha Nakshatra. The day of new moon or in other words at the end of Krishna Paksh ends is called the date of this Nakshatra. Magha Nakshatra means powerful, great, excellent or worthy.

Magha Nakshatra- Body and Personality traits

The natives of Magha Nakshatra have medium height, burly stomach and a robust body. Their chin is also chubby and fuller. They are hairy and may have a mole near the shoulder. They have beautiful and attractive eyes.

The natives of this Nakshatra are powerful and impressive. They are short tempered and due to this they lose the power to think rationally. They leave a mark, wherever they go and whatever they do. Magha Nakshatra is robust due to which the native of this nakshatra has the capability to work hard. The natives born in this Nakshatra are optimistic, independent and full of excitement.

The people born in this Nakshatra can surprise others with their capacity. They manage to do impossible things. They are independent and never compromise on their values and dignity. These native always work towards maintaining their position and image in the society. Another quality that they posses is that their work is always fail-safe. There is a general misconception about them that they are uncertain and restless, but this is not true.

Since Ketu is the ruling lord of this Nakshatra, so the natives of this Nakshatra are religious. They maintain relationships with the higher officials of the government and society, due to which they receive many benefits from these sectors.

Natives of this Nakshatra enjoy their life completely. They have a penchant for luxury items. They are financially intelligent. They people are level headed in money matters, which is beneficial to them.

The natives of this Nakshatra have many friends. They maintain their friendship with everyone. They take care of their friends and love them too. They love to travel but they travel only when they feel the need. The natives of this Nakshatra love stability and they don’t like frequent changes be it in work life or family life.

According to astrology, females born in this Nakshatra are honest, ambitious and adventurous.


The natives of this Nakshatra are satisfied with their family life. They have a desire to live a harmonious life with their life partners. They have a happy married life. But the position of malefic planets can change the situation. They get happiness from their kids. They are always ready to fulfil their responsibility towards their kids. The situation may not be satisfactory when it comes to interactions with wife. Arguments may arise and due the behaviour of the wife. Mental tensions may also arise. The couple is likely to be blessed with a son.


This is the 10th Nakshatra in the constellation and its ruling Lord is Ketu. The body parts that come under this Nakshatra are back, spinal cord, heart, aorta and the dorsal part of the spleen. Along with this nostrils, lips and chin are also considered as parts of this Nakshatra. Whenever this Nakshatra is affected the native may suffer from problems related to these organs. Problems related to the yes such as night blindness may also affect the native. Females may get affected with problems related to uterus or hysteria. Cough related problems may also affect the native.


The natives of this Nakshatra can work in fields such as administration,management etc. They will also do well as high level officials in the government sector. They may also be a part of the rich and wealthy people of the society. They can be moneylenders, industrialists, conglomerate entrepreneurs, head of an institute, lawyers, judges or politicians. They may also take up jobs as a historian, librarian, speaker, creative artists, stage performer or guardians of the culture. Due to their transparency and business mind they cannot stay in business for a longer period. They will be good at both business and service.

First phase of Magha Nakshatra

If moon is present in the first phase of Magha Nakshatra then the native is short tempered. They have thin legs and the front part of the nose is a bit red. They have a big head and a heavy chest. They never shy away from work and are always ready to do any task.

Second phase of Magha Nakshatra

If moon is present in the second phase of Magha Nakshatra, then the native may have a large head. They may have sharp eyes and long arms. They may have a wide chest and a wide nose.

Third phase of Magha Nakshatra

If Moon is present in the third phase of Magha Nakshatra, then the native may have a brawny and broad chest. The native may be talkative also. They may have red eyes and are always ready to sacrifice. They may have a round and fleshy neck.

Fourth phase of Magha Nakshatra

If Moon is present in the fourth phase of Magha Nakshatra, then the native may have a soft and shiny body. They may have big eyes with black eyeballs. They may have soft hair, bulky arms, legs and husky voice. They may have a tubby stomach.

Syllables for names according to Magha Nakshatra

  • If the first phase of Magha Nakshatra, is between 00:00 to 03:20, then the syllable is Ma.

  • If the second phase of Magha Nakshatra, is between 03:20 to 06:40, then the syllable is Me.

  • If the third phase of Magha Nakshatra, is between 06:40 to 10:00, then the syllable is Mu.

  • If the fourth phase of Magha Nakshatra, is between 10:00 to 13:20, then the syllable is Me.

Veda Mantra for Magha Nakshatra

Om PitraBhya SwadhaaYibhya Swaadhaa Namah PitaMahe Bhyah,

Swadha Yibhya Swadhaa Namah. ParPita Mahe Byah Swadhaa Yibhya,

SwadhaaNamah Akshannt Pitro Meem Dantah, PitrotiTripant,

Pitrah Shundhvam. Om Pitrebhaye Namah.


To prevent the negative effects of Magha Nakshatra, the native should worship his/her teachers and ancestors. On the specified date they should perform Puja for their ancestors and remember them. Blessings of elder people prevents the native from the bad effects of this Nakshatra. Worshipping Goddess Kaali and Lord Shiva is also auspicious for them.Wearing golden, yellow and dark coloured satin clothes is also considered beneficial.

Other elements of Magha Nakshatra

  • Nakshatra- Magha

  • Zodiac Sign- Leo

  • Vaishya- Quadruple

  • Yoni- Mouse

  • Mahavair- Bidal

  • Ruling Lord- Sun

  • Gan- Devil

  • Nadi- Antya

  • Element- Fire

  • Behaviour- Aggressive

  • Nakshatra God- Ancestors

  • Panchasala Vedha- Shravan