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Characteristics of People of Magha Nakshatra

Magha is the 10th nakshatra in the constellation. It comes under the category of gandamul nakshatra. Ketu is the lord of this nakshatra. Its 4 quarters fall in Leo, that’s why Sun being the significator of Leo influences Magha nakshatra. Here we will discuss how this nakshatra influences the nature of people born in it.
Natives of this nakshatra are powerful, influential and short tempered. They tend to loose their temper now and then. These people cast their influence wherever they go and whatever they do. Magha nakshatra incorporates energy and ability to work hard in the nature of its natives. These people are optimistic and free spirited.
People born in Magha nakshatra can surprise people with their activities. They are able to do extraordinary things that bring respect to them. They are highly self-esteemed people and never compromise their virtue and dignity.
Natives of Magha nakshatra put their full effort in sustaining their reputation and honor in the society. Another feature of their nature is that they are very careful in whatever they do, whereas there is a general misconception that they are restless and indecisive.
As Ketu is the lord of Magha nakshatra, the natives of this nakshatra are very religious. These people maintain close contact with government and high society. As a result they get lots of favors from these sectors.
People born in Magha nakshatra enjoy their family life to the fullest and have an eye for luxury items. These people are intelligent in financial matters. They put their level best in affairs related to money, which results in a profitable gain to them.
Natives of Magha nakshatra do not have many friends but they care for and love few friends they have. They are not very interested in traveling and opt for a journey only when required. They stick to consistency and avoid frequent changes in any thing, be it professional or family life.
According to Vedic astrology, girls born in Magha nakshatra are honest and  do not fear to call spade a spade. They are distinctively ambitious, courageous and daring.