Characteristics of People of Jyestha Nakshatra

Jyestha nakshatra is inauspicious as it comes under the category of Gandamoola nakshatras. Mercury is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. Scorpio is its native sign and thus Mars also dominates this nakshatra. In this article we will discuss about the influence of Jyestha as the birth nakshatra on the lives and nature of its natives.

Astrology says that Jyestha natives are short tempered and become aggressive at the drop of a hat. They are fun loving people who love a fast life. They understand the value of time and try to finish their work in time. They are sincere and loyal to their responsibilities.

They are broadminded people and are not restricted to mundane things and routine works. They are quick learners and intelligently deal with difficult situations of life. A limitation of their nature is their restlessness which sometimes brings failure to their work. They are honest and bitter due to which people think twice before being friends with them. Their personality lacks sweetness. They are honored in the society, in spite of having a restricted social circle and little known face. They rise to fame in their mid-life.

They are equally good in business and service. In service they eventually achieve the top rank with their strength and dominate their subordinates. They make a profitable turnover in business as well. They are satisfied people who get constant success in their life. The natives of Jyestha nakshatra love to assess their competence in contests.

They are family persons and serve their responsibilities. They are blessed with wealth which comes from different sources. They are materialistic and love to purchase land and other properties. They prove to be excellent property dealers, and contractors. They make huge profits from real estate business. They may become famous builders. Astrology says that the natives of Jyestha have majestic nature and lead a luxurious life.

Vedic astrologers recommend ‘Moola Shanti’ of the natives born under Jyestha nakshatra to curb negative impacts as it is one of the Gandamoola nakshatras.