Characteristics of People Born in Sign Capricorn

Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign. This is a feminine sign and is the lord of south direction. Its primary element is earth. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn. Mars is exalted and Jupiter is debilitated on this sign.

Natives born in Capricorn are practical and have conventional outlook towards life. They can be identified by their permanent facial expressions of worry and anxiety. The Capricorn natives are highly social and believe in aged long social principles. They treasure their past life which influences them a lot. The natives of Capricorn are attracted to antiquities and care for them.

Capricorn natives get the result of whatever they do very quickly. Good or bad work they get the results in a very short time. Hence, the saying of ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is apt in their case. These people are sensitive and focus their mind on a particular topic, as a result the Capricorns excel in their chosen subjects.

Capricorn natives have materialistic outlook towards life. They are fond of worldly pleasures and luxurious things. They collect all sorts of lavish and deluxe means to fulfill their material desires. They have a royal personality and know how to convince others to get their work done.
They maintain good relations with people to benefit from them. Though they are clever and to some extent fickle minded also, but their hard work distinguishes them from others. For this quality the natives of Capricorn progress in their life at a fast pace.

People born in Capricorn sign are down to earth and very realistic. These traits of their nature make them a little suspicious. They are cautious about everything they come in contact with and always stay alert. Every step of the natives of Capricorn is the result of their immense calculation and awareness.

Astrology points out some shortcomings in their character.  They are jealous of other people’s success. They are not big hearted enough to see the betterment of other people. Capricorns are always indulged in their own success and development.

The Capricorns suit to the academic subjects and courses like computer science, hardware, engineering, medical laboratory technology, accounts, business management, chemistry, botany and human rights.

Astrologers say that in relation to the above stated subjects, other careers suitable and profitable for the natives of Capricorn are steel furniture business, research department, biology, law department, telecom and municipality sector.

Capricorns may be prone to skin diseases, arthritis, digestion, heart, blood and nasal problems. They might develop mental stress. So, they should be careful about these health problems.