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Characteristics of Natives of Rohini Nakshatra

In this article we will discuss about the influence of Rohini on the life and nature of its natives. According to the Indian astrological system the 4 quarters of Rohini are in the Taurus sign. Let’s find out the nature and temperament of the natives born in Rohini nakshatra.
Moon is the lord of Rohini nakshatra. The natives of Rohini are highly imaginative and love to bask in the fictional world. Their mind is restless like a deer, and that is the reason why they cannot stick to a single thing at one time. They are the lovers of art, music, dance and sculpture. They are good photographers and take active part in any type of art forms.
They have a very sweet and loving personality. The natives of Rohini enjoy their family life. They enjoy all worldly pleasures. Astrologers say that if they try hard they may always prosper in life. They achieve higher ranks in their profession. Natives of Rohini are attracted to their opposite sex and lead a romantic life. They are beautiful people with slender physique. They have attractive eyes.
Astrology says that the natives of Rohini nakshatra are successful in both government service and business. If you are a native of Rohini then you might be very affectionate and close to your mother and always get her full support. Perhaps you are very sensitive, sometimes unable to control your emotions.
Rohini as a birth nakshatra incorporates the traits of imagination and creativity in the personality of its natives. They may be very successful in life if they utilize their imaginative skills otherwise  their talent is useless. Their life lacks stability because of their indecisive and variable nature. They love to travel and experiment with their life. They love their family and home. They have a wonderful married life as they love and are attracted to their life partner.
They are happy and satisfied people because they never hold any grudges and take much stress in life. They are blessed with sensible and honest children. The natives of Rohini are loved and honored in the society for their honest and gentle personality.