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Characteristic of Aquarius According to Vedic Astrology

Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac. The symbol of the Aquarius is an image of a person with a pitcher of water. Saturn is the lord of this sign. Aquarius is a male sign which rules the west direction. Air is the prime element of this sign.

The natives born under the Aquarius sign always look for change in life. They do not fix themselves in age old beliefs but opts for contemporary things. They are attracted to new songs, techniques, fashion, dresses, furniture. They are restless people who cannot concentrate on a single matter for a long time. They don’t apply traditional practices in their life but embrace the popular trends. They try to bring revolutionary change in society freeing from the shackles of orthodoxy.

According to astrology the Aquarians are very active. They are not in to work just to pass the time but are punctual about their assignments. With their hard work they try to construct new things and attract many admirers. They show the right direction to people. People love and respect them for their helping and warm nature. They are very lucky people for having good and supportive friends.

It is said that the natives of Aquarius has many enemies. They are vindictive when being hurt by an enemy. They don’t find peace unless until they have defeated their enemy. They are strong and firm, and and make their enemy’s life hell.

The soft side of the Aquarians is reflected in their commitments to their family and profession. They are very responsible towards their duties and fulfill them at any cost. People trust them for their sincere and honest nature. They don’t forget the people who have helped them in any point of their life.

According to Indian astrology the natives of Aquarius are perfect for management course, medical surgeon, pathologist, micro biology, agriculture, engineering, law and computer studies. Aquarians get success in these subjects. They are equally apt for mechanical business, mining, chemistry, paint, wireless and telecommunication sectors. They are best suited in technical and chemical industry.

Astrologers say that the Aquarians should take special care of their legs, and skin s they may have diseases related to these organs. Besides these they may have nerve problem, dropsy and arthritis.