Cats eye and Lapis Lazuli are the Gemstones of Ketu and Saturn Respectively

Ketu is a shadow planet like Rahu. Ketu is always retrograde. A debilitated Ketu may cause accident, which may even need surgery of the native. Cat’s Eye is the gemstone of Ketu which absorbs the energy and power of this planet and transmits them to its natives. Cat’s Eye gemstone protects its owner from the negative aspect of Ketu.

Astrological features of Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye gemstones are normally yellow and black in color. When a Cat’s Eye gemstone is moved its edges sparkle with glow. It is also called sutramani for its brightness. Supreme quality Cat’s Eye is found in Mogok mines of Burma. The best quality Cat’s Eye gemstones are of bright yellow color with a white line on them. Gemstone experts say that genuineness of Cat’s Eye depends on the straightness of the white line on it.

Astrological benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye

Genuine Cat’s Eyes are very effective and immediately start providing results to its natives. Astrology says that if a person wears a Cat’s Eye he or she gets happiness from children and financial stability is strengthened. Cat’s Eye can help you get back your lost wealth and protect you from enemies. It makes it natives more spiritual. Some astrologers say that Cat’s Eyes are useful for controlling spirits, dark magic and other unearthly things. Cats Eyes are symbols of courage and power.

Astrological feature of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone of Saturn. It was  a precious and popular gemstone in ancient civilizations. It is a beautiful gemstone, dark blue in color with golden shimmers on it. Lapis Lazuli was first found in Afghanistan, where the best quality of this gemstone is available. It is the gemstone of friendship and truth.

Astrological benefits of wearing Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is effective in safeguarding its natives from negative impacts of Saturn and Rahu. Lapis Lazuli is very auspicious for women associated with music and dancing. It generates  positive energy in men. This gemstone keeps away depression and negative thinking.

Lapis Lazuli is very good for eyes. Sporting a Lapis Lazuli cures eye related diseases. It is useful in fever and stomach problems. Astrologers say that lapis lazuli provides happiness from family. It gives mental satisfaction. This gemstone generates will power and confidence in its natives. Its power is useful in marital relationships. It helps maintain a peaceful marital life.