Cancerians Are Sensitive and Self-Conscious

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of Cancer natives and how they lead their life.

The symbol of Cancer is crab. Cancer is the Lord of the north direction. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and Mars is debilitated. Astrology says that water is the predominant element of Cancer. This is a feminine and moveable sign. Natives of Cancer are philosophical and caring. It is said that they have a very inconsistent nature and cannot fix their mind on a single thing for a long time.

Positive traits

Natives of Cancer are very imaginative. They give birth to new ideas and are experts in strategizing and planning. They succeed in life as they have the capability to transform plans into reality. They care for their surroundings and genuinely want to work for the welfare of distressed people. They have a warm temperament and are friendly. These are the reasons behind their huge friend circle.

Cancer natives are responsible people. They care for their family members and take all the responsibilities. They try to fulfill the needs of their close ones. They are peaceful people and take comfort in sheltering their loved ones.. That’s why they stay away from quarrels and any kind of chaos. Another specialty of their character is that they are very conscious and aware of their surroundings. As a result they stay protected.

This sign makes the natives romantic and loving. They have deep faith in love. They experience several love affairs in their life. Cancer natives do not mind sacrifices their precious possessions if they find true love.They will find partners with whom they feel protected and who can respect their feelings.


Natives of Cancer can have a profitable career in the field of economics, engineering, marketing, mining, B.ed, M.ed, and politics. Their favorable professions are textile, marine, entertainment, navy, weather department, pearl and fish culture, advisory, and other governmental sector. Astrology says that these professions are very profitable for the natives of Cancer. Their primary aim is to provide for their family, hence they work to make good money.

They are good managers and organizers and take very good care of their teammates.They create a friendly atmosphere at work and are quick in providing help to others.They are good at managing their finances and are not spendthrift. They believe in saving for the future.They are also good at finishing their task on time and will always try to do their best.


Cancer naties mostly enjoy good health, but because they are not very active, they gain weight quickly.They should not try to have a sedentary lifestyle. Being temperamental they may succumb to anxiety and may develop phobias.Being a watery sign they are prone to diseases caused by contamination of water. Infections caused by food are also likely.

According to astrologers Cancer natives have a tendency of catch diseases like cough and cold, digestion problem, jaundice, dropsy, lunatic etc. Cancer natives should be careful about these diseases.They are moody, suspicious and sometimes, over sensitive.They should take up a routine physical exercises or Yoga to keep themselves fit. They should avoid street food or oily and junk food to remain fit.


Being a water sign they break all barriers once they get out of control. Mood Swings are very frequent that is why they are difficult to understand. They are watchful and weak at manipulations. Whenever they are pulled into conflicting situations, they withdraw in their shell just like a crab.

Cancer born natives can be fairly insensitive towards others, foul mouthed, rude and short tempered. All of this is only a disguise to hide their actual insecurities and phobias. They get upset easily and need to remain calm under all circumstances. If they strive in this direction and try to remain calm, they will be saved from many niggling issues.

Cancerians know where they are going but mostly in the wrong direction, until they learn their lessons and start relying on themselves.They learn their lessons late which brings them to a situation where they find themselves hurt in love relations, they don’t readily express their feelings to their partner and may take a lot more time to adjust to realities.

It creates difficulties in their sex life, but once they repose faith, they are fully commited.

Moon is the Karaka of Cancer sign making them a storehouse of emotions.These natives are very close to their mother and will never listen to anything against their mother.Their nature is also like that of a mother. They are full of love, caring, nurturing and attached to the loved ones.They are honest and traditional and like the comfort of their home.They see all their contacts through emotions rather than simple curiosity.They are not the kind who can go on and on partying late outside and prefer to develop relations in the homely comfort.


Their hobbies include music, acting and they are quite good at because of their emotional nature.They prefer to stay near water bodies with surroundings close to nature.They like to spend their time among friends and family.