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Cancerians Are Sensitive and Self-Conscious

Cancer is the fourth sign in zodiac. It is a moveable sign. In this article we will discuss the characteristics of Cancer natives and how they lead their life.
The symbol of Cancer is crab. Cancer is the lord of the north direction. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and Mars is debilitated. Astrology says that water is the predominant element of Cancer. This is a feminine sign. Natives of Cancer are philosophical and caring. It is said that they have a very inconsistent nature and cannot fix their mind on a single thing for a long time.
Natives of Cancer are very imaginative. They give birth to new ideas and are experts in making strategies and plans. They succeed in life as they have the capability to transform plans to reality. Though sometimes they face failure in work due to time mismanagement.
Natives of Cancer have a delicate heart. They care for their surroundings and genuinely want to work for distressed people. They have a warm temperament and are friendly people. These are the reasons behind their huge friend circle.
Cancer natives are responsible people. They care for their family members and take all the responsibilities and try to fulfill the needs of their close ones. They are peaceful people. That’s why they stay away from quarrels and any kind of chaos. Another specialty of their character is that they are very conscious and aware about the happenings and for these reasons they stay protected.
This sign makes its natives romantic and loving. They have deep faith in love and in their life they experience many love affairs. To get their true love Cancer natives sacrifices their precious possessions.
Natives of Cancer can have a profitable career in the field of economics, engineering, marketing, mining, B.ed, M.ed, and politics. Their favorable professions are textile, marine, entertainment, navy, weather department, pearl and fish culture, advisor, and other governmental sector. Astrology says that these professions are very profitable for the natives of Cancer.
According to astrologers Cancer natives have tendency of catching diseases like cough and cold, digestion problem, jaundice, dropsy, lunatic etc.  Cancer natives should be careful about these diseases.