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Established planets (Kayam Grahas) are the planets which are beyond the aspect and combination of enemy planet and their sign and fixed house also do not have any enemy planets. These types of planets are fully established and are very powerful says the Lal Kitab.

In the illustrated kundli Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu are established planets. The Moon is in its fixed house and own sign and the Moon is also safe from the aspect and combination of enemy planet. In this way Moon is an established planet in this kundali (Horoscope).

We can see that Mercury is also an established planet in this kundli. Besides this Mercury is doubly auspicious as the second lord of fixed house, Ketu is situated on the own sign and fixed house of the Mercury.

Jupiter is also in the same situation like Mercury. The 12th fixed house of Jupiter is contains Rahu, another lord of the fixed house. For this reason Jupiter is also an established planet in this kundli (Birth Chart).

Venus which too is in a similar position is also an established planet in this kundali.

The established planets are very strong as they are safe from any kind of negative impact of malefic planets. These planets give positive results to people who have them in their kundlis. Whether a planet is auspicious or malefic it provides positive results if it is an established planet in one’s kundli(Janm patrika).

The kundali which has established planets is called the kundali of established planets and is considered very fortunate for the individual.

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