Auspicious Yogas of Sun and Their Impact on Human Nature

Vedic astrology has given prime importance to the planetary combinations in a kundli. According to astrological principles a planet when independent and when in combination with other  planets in a house of the kundli gives different results to its natives.

In this article we will discuss some of the major combinations of Sun with other planets and their impact on the lives of its natives.

Raj Rajeshwar Yoga

This yoga is formed when Sun is placed in Jupiter’s native sign Pisces and Moon is placed in Cancer. It is the most powerful Rajyoga in astrology. A native of this yoga is endowed with power and self-esteem akin to Sun and a  charming and pleasant nature like Moon. This yoga makes a person very creative and intelligent. He earns name and fame in the society. Natives of this yoga benefit from government jobs and earn good money. This yoga makes its natives very wealthy and prosperous.

A native of this yoga reaches the top most level in his profession and is rewarded. He has a personality that attracts people from all sections of the society. The natives of Raj Rajeshwar yoga lead an amazing family life, enjoying the sweetest fruits of life.

Budhaditya Yoga

Mercury is the closest planet to Sun. It is usually placed in combination with Sun. The auspicious placement of Mercury and its combination with Sun in a house negates all the unfavorable effects associated with the house. This yoga is also a Rajyoga. A native who has this yoga in his or her kundli is courageous and energetic like Sun. As Mercury is the significator of intelligence, the native acquires knowledge in different subjects. These people are honored in the society. They lead a happy and flourishing life.

Bhaskar Yoga

Bhaskar is one of the several names of Sun. This yoga is formed when Mercury is placed in the 2nd house from the Sun, Moon is placed in the 11th house from the Mercury and Jupiter is placed either in the 5th or the 9th house from the Moon. It is a very rare yoga. A native with this yoga in his or her kundli is as great as is this yoga. This auspicious yoga provides immense wealth, happiness and luxury to its natives. They are interested in arts and have a very caring nature.

Vasi Yoga

Vasi yoga is formed when the 12th house from the Sun is occupied by any planet other than Moon. This yoga provides auspicious or inauspicious results depending upon the planet placed in the 12th house. The placement of benefic planet in this house makes its natives intelligent and virtuous. A native is skilled and wise and develops the art of communication under the auspicious Vasi yoga. It blesses a happy and successful family life to its natives.

On the other side, a malefic planet in this house results in weak memory and selfish nature. A native may not have a sympathetic attitude towards other people and may have to live away from his or her family and thus face several difficulties in life.

Veshi Yoga

The Veshi yoga is formed when there is any planet except Moon in the 2nd house from the Sun. The result of this yoga depends upon the placement of auspicious or inauspicious planet in the house. A benefic planet in this house makes the personality of a native very beautiful and attractive. She becomes a good orator and an efficient leader. They are active social workers.

Inauspicious Veshi yoga is made up of malefic planets. A person who has this malefic yoga may face many difficulties, especially in his or her business or professional life. A native’s financial condition deteriorates and he may face rejection in his professional life.