Auspicious Muhurat for the Simantonnayana Sanskar

There are 16 sanskars in Hinduism. The 3rd sanskar is the simantonnayana sanskar which comes after nishkraman and punsvan sanskar. This sanskar is also performed during the pregnancy of a woman. This is the last sanskar of the pregnancy period of a mother.

According to astrologers simantonnayana sanskar is held between 6th to 8th months of the pregnancy. This sanskar is auspicious on the 6th to 8th months having a strong lord of the month.
Let’s discuss the auspicious muhurat of this ritual.


Astrologer says that for simantonnayana sanskar the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 12th lunar days are very auspicious. Any one of the above mentioned lunar days is favorable for the natives of this ritual.


Nakshatra has always played a vital role in determining muhurat. For this sanskar Shravan, Rohini and Pushya are considered as auspicious nakshatras. So, the simantonnayana sanskar should be held on a day which has either of this nakshatras.


While considering the muhurat of this sanskar it should be seen whether the Ascendant is strong or not. If the Ascendant is strong and the 8th house is empty then it is very good for the sanskar.