Auspicious Muhurat for Digging Pond and Tubewell in Vedic Astrology

According to religious texts Lord Varun is the God of water. We receive water by his generosity. You might have seen that after setting up a tube well sometimes water doesn’t come through it or trickles in a very small quantity. For these reasons a tubewell is rooted out and re-established. Sometimes a pond also does not have water or the water may taste bitter, thus not suitable for drinking purpose.

Astrology provides Muhurat on which pond or tube well digging should be done in order to avoid such situations. Let’s see the auspicious Mahurats during which digging up of pond or tubewell should be carried out by a native.

Consideration of Nakshatra

For digging tubewell or tank Nakshatras like Uttraphalguni, Uttrasadha, Uttrabhadrapada, Rohini, which are Sthir Nakshatras which are considered good for such activities, other than these Adomukhi Nakshatras such as Moola, Aslesha, Vishakha, Krittika, Poorva Phagune, Poorva Ashada, Poorva Bhadrapad, Bharani and Magha are also very auspicious. All of these Nakshatras are downward looking and favorable for digging up for water.

Consideration of the Ascendant

Ascendant is the most important starting point, a Muhurta in an auspicious time for a job like tubewell. Both of these are very necessary to ensure there are no issues. Astrology says that the role of Ascendant is a must for determining the Muhurat for digging a pond or tube well. Proper selection of the ascendant will remove many Doshas which otherwise would have given poor results.

The day when the digging pond or tubewell is commenced should have a strong Ascendant. It is considered an excellent Muhurat if Mercury or Jupiter is placed as Ascendant, Venus is on the 10th house or Moon is placed either in Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio. Moon being placed in water sign is very good for such activities.

Consideration of lunar day

According to astrology except the Rikta tithi i.e. the 4th, 9th and 14th lunar days, all lunar days are auspicious for pond and tube well digging. A native can carry out the digging job on any of the balance lunar days to get positive results.


Yoga is another component of Muhurat after Tithi or Vaar. It is sum of longitudes of Moon and Sun divided by 13°20 `. There are a total of 27 yogas, two are totally malefic, these are Vyatipata and Vaidhriti.

These two are not taken into consideration for Muhurta.Other than these there are Yogas which are partially malefic and even then they are not considered for Muhurat These are:

  1. Vishkhumba

  2. Vajra

  3. Parigha

  4. Ganda

  5. Ati- ganda

  6. Vyaghat

  7. Shoola

All the above are partly malefic and its best to avoid them while undertaking auspicious activities like digging of tubewell for water.


One of the five parts of Panchanga is Karana.It is one half of a Tithi and plays an important role in determination of the Muhurta.There are a total of eleven Karanas. Four are fixed and seven are moveable. Gar Karana which is the ninth is suitable for digging for water and similar activities. Vishti Karana has a blemish attached to it when it comes together with Bhadra Tithi. All auspicious works are forbidden in this Karana.

There are some other combinations of Panchang with which some Yogas are formed and are auspicious to undertake any type of activities. Such auspicious Yogas are Sidha Yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga,

On the other hand inauspicious Yogas are Mrityu Yoga, Samvartaka Yoga,Vish Yoga, Dagadha Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga, Tripushkar Yoga and Yamgantaka Yoga.The names themselves suggest that these are malefic Yogas.

Digging of tubewell is a very important and auspicious as it is for a good cause. Water is the basic need of a person for living, whether for drinking or agriculture. It always better to perform these activities during an auspicious Muhurat to ensure a positive result.