Auspicious Bhakoota Guarantees a Successful Marriage

India is the biggest country in the Indian sub-continent. India is an ideal for the rest of the world for its vastness and equality. India is the ancient civilization of the world with multi-cultural identity and a populous democracy. India is reputed for its rich culture, liberal government and unity in diversity.

It is said that pairs are made in Heaven, people only do the formal celebration on this earth. Indian astrology says that when a marriage is considered, the kundlis of the bride and groom should be thoroughly evaluated for a happy and prosperous married life.
Kundli matching is very important in Indian marriage because from it the gunas of the husband and wife are sorted out. 18 gunas out of 36 gunas are considered to be a standard which also guarantees a peaceful married life. Astrologers predict the future of a marriage through Ashtkoota. Bhakoota is 7th in the Ashtkoota. Here we will discuss about the significance of Bhakoota.

Bhakoota is directly related to the mind of husband and wife. There are 6 types of Bhakoota which are known as

  • pratham-saptam

  • dwitiya-dwadas

  • tritiya-ekadas

  • chaturtha-dasham

  • pancham-navam

  • shastak

Astrology says that dwitiya-dwadas, shastak and pancham-navam are malefic bhakootas while rest are auspicious. Astrologers determine bhakoota by counting bride’s sign from groom’s birth sign and vice versa. If the couple’s signs are placed in the 5th and 9th place from each other than pancham-navam is formed. Similarly, if their signs are in the 6th and 8th position from each other than the sashtak bhakoota is formed. These 3 bhakootas are malefic.

The dwitiya-dadash is inauspicious as the10th house is the significator of wealth and 12th house of expense. If a marriage takes place with this arrangement in the kundli then there may be extreme expenditure in the married life of a couple.

The navpanchak bhakoota generates negative impact in married life. It gives rise to spiritual, religious thinking which may affect the minds of the couple and may even hamper their desire of a child.

Sashtak bhakoota is the dangerous amongst the malefic bhakootas. It may cause death of any one of the couple after marriage. Sashtak gives rise to many problems and confusion between the couple and may destroy a marriage. Separation is common and suicide attempt can be also there if a kundli is afflicted with sashtak bhakoota.

The last 3 bhakootas viz, pratham-saptam, tritiya-ekadas and chaturtha-dasham are auspicious for a bride and groom. Astrology says that while counting if the couple’s signs are placed in 1st and 7th place from each other than they get a happy married life blessed with good children.

Similarly if their birth signs find a placement in 3rd and 11th place from one another then they get a financially stable life post marriage. The couple prospers after their marriage. In this way when their birth signs are in 4th  and 10th place then there will always be a loving and caring relationship between them.

Astrology says that there are some principles where bhakoota becomes inactive, these are as follows

  • 1. When there is a friendly lord of the signs of the husband and wife.

  • 2. Same lord of the signs.

  • 3. Friendly navamsha of the husband and wife.

  • 4. When the lords of navamsha of the couple are mutual friends.