Astrological Suggestions for a Happy Married Life

Things to do before Astrological Compatibility Consideration (Kundali Milan)

It is very essential to take a few things into consideration before finalizing an alliance for marriage. There should not be a wide difference between the age of the girl and the boy. Financial status is one of the major causes of strife in the family so it would be better for both the families to investigate each other's financial background. To prevent troubles post-marriage ensure that both girl and boy are of sound physical and mental status.

Comparison of Guna

An Astrological compatibility comparison of birth-charts of girl and boy needs to be done after investigating about the above-mentioned factors. The astrologer should check the authenticity of the birth-charts before comparing them for astrological compatibility.

There are 36 Gunas in total in each birth-chart that are to be considered for compatibility check, and a match of a minimum 18 Gunas is considered auspicious for the marriage. Despite the fact that 18 Gunas have matched, marriage is still not viable if there is any indication of Gana-Maitri and Nadi-Dosha in the birth-charts of the boy and the girl.

Birth signs of the girl and the boy should also be taken into consideration during the astrological compatibility check for the marriage. The compatibility will be maintained in the married life of the couple if both have the essence of Fire or Wind, and Earth or Water respectively, while comparing their birth-signs.

Compatibility between Birth-signs

The compatibility between birth-signs of girl and boy have an influence over their married life. As per Astrology, if girl and boy have similar birth-signs then they will have compatibility and affection in their married life.

If their birth-sign is 4th or 10th with respect to the other's birth-sign then they will enjoy a happy married life. The couple will not have to suffer from the financial crisis if their birth signs are 3rd or 11th with respect to each other. Marriage is not feasible if the girl and boy have similar signs placed in sixth, eighth and twelfth house in birth-charts.

The girl and boy will enjoy a blissful married life if signs and ascendant are similar in their birth-charts. A few things should be noticed here, if the girl and boy have the same signs then the Nakshatras should differ from each other. Similarly, if Nakshatras are identical then phases should differ, otherwise, there may be turmoil in their married life despite having the same birth-signs.

Consideration on Faults of the Birth-chart

According to astrology, if there is 'Vish Kanya Yoga' in girl's birth-chart then there is the possibility of turmoil in her married life. But 'Vish Kanya Yoga' may not have an influence in birth-chart if some positive combinations are present. Navamsa and Moon ascendant can also be considered to check the effectiveness of Vish Kanya Yoga, before fixing the alliance.

Make sure to get the Kundali checked from an astrologer. Kundali or horoscope matching is important as it is not just limited to getting points on Ashtakoot matching. It needs careful analysis by an expert astrologer to arrive at the right conclusion. In a nutshell, the following critical elements must be looked into before arriving at a final decision.

  • The friendship of Moon sign Lords or Graha Maitri should have top priority as it has the capacity to cancel other Doshas as well.

  • Manglik Dosha

  • Study of Navamsa Kundali

  • Bhav Milan which is based on the matching of elements e.g. a fire sign ascendent with fire sign or air sign will match better, Aries with Sagittarius, Aries with Libra.

  • The position of the 7th Lord and the 7th house.

  • The position of Karaka planets Venus and Jupiter.

  • The position of malefic planets in the horoscope.
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  • Running Dasha whether favorable or not.

Once this is done and marriage is planned, then husband and wife should do certain things on a regular basis so that their marital relations remain intact and there is love and affection is their relationship.

  • Try to understand the nature of your partner and make adjustments accordingly. Normally when a girl is moving into a new environment, it is the responsibility of both partners as also the family members to give space to the new member.

  • Appreciate each other on small things make a better partner. For every little effort using the magic words like Thank, You works wonders. Practice honesty in a relationship.

  • Marriage is a relationship of long term commitment. Emotional intimacy, raising a family, love, romance, sex life and progeny are all the part of a relationship.

  • Keep a Tulsi plant at home for better intimacy and bonding. Offer Kumkum, turmeric, and water to the plant daily. Place a flute over the Tulsi plant.

  • Both partners should fast on Fridays do puja of Goddess Laxmi. It will sweeten the relationship.

  • Avoid having non-vegetarian food on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to reduce stress in relations.

  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranama daily and recite Gayatri Mantra daily 108 times. This will generate harmony in the relationship.

  • Light a red bulb in the southeast corner of the house.