Astrological Remedies 2 -Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

Every planet has its own power and is the lord of its house in the kundali. If a person’s kundli contains any weak or debilitated planet then he may face many difficulties in his life. To reduce the malefic results from the planets, astrology provides remedial methods.

Let us discuss about some remedies that can be used if Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are in debilitated state in one’s kundli.

Remedies for Jupiter

Jupiter is the teacher of all planets. Astrology has remedial ways to calm Jupiter if it’s afflicted, amongst which donation has a special place. Donation of sugar, bananas, yellow clothes, kesar, salt, turmeric, yellow flowers and food is considered good.

The affected person should donate gemstone of Jupiter through which the negative influence of this planet can be reduced. According to vedic astrology recommendations Thursday mornings are best for donating the above stated things. The donations should lbe given to Brahmins, or any religious persons.

Some more astrological remedies for Jupiter

The affected person should keep fast on Thursdays. He should feed banana and yellow sweets to poor people and birds, especially crows. He can serve curd rice to Brahmins and poor people. He should water a banyan tree on all days except Sundays and Thursdays.

Jupiter resides in teachers and religious persons, so to reduce the bad impact of this planet one should serve his teacher with respect.

He should not eat banana and avoid keeping banana in his bedroom because it may increase Jupiter’s negative influence on the person.

Remedies for Venus

Venus is the brightest planet and it represents the emotion of love. If a person is influenced from the bad impact of this planet he should donate a white horse. To calm down the malefic tendency of Venus donation of colored cloth, silk cloth, ghee, perfume, sugar, food, oil, sandal wood, and camphor will prove beneficial.

The affected person should donate gemstone of Venus. Donations relating to Venus should be made on Friday evenings and for best results, the things should be given to a young girl.

Some more astrological remedies for Venus

If a person is suffering from negative results from Venus he/she should keep fast on Fridays. He can also feed poor people and Brahmins with ghee rice, sweets and desserts and also to the crows. He should keep one half of his food and feed this to a cow to get the blessings of Venus.

Items related to Venus like perfume, ghee, perfumed oil should not be used by the affected person. He/she should not take time in selecting dresses.

Remedies for Saturn

A person affected by the negative influence of Saturn may face increased misfortune during Dhaiyya, kantak and sadhe-saati periods of Saturn. These doshas create many problems and difficulties in a person’s life. Astrology provides some remedies that can be used as measures to avoid negativities generated by Saturn. Amongst the remedies donation and worshipping are important.

The affected person who has debilitated Saturn in his kundli should donate a black cow. Besides this he should give black cloth, black sesame, leather shoes, salt, mustard oil, iron, cultivable land, utensil and vegetable as donation.

Saturn can be pleased if the affected person donates a gemstone related to this planet and the above stated things on Saturday evenings to an aged poor person.

Some more astrological remedies for Saturn

The Saturn stricken person should keep fast on Saturdays and Fridays.

He/she should keep one half of his food and give it to the crows along with salted and mustard bread. He should serve beggars with curd rice mixed with salt in an iron bowl.

Rice cooked with sesame should be served to Brahmins to receive the blessings of this planet.

People who are suffering from bad Saturn should chant Hanuman Chalisa, Mahamrittyunjaya mantra and read Shanistrotam for an auspicious Saturn.

To resist Saturn’s malefic nature the affected person should respect poor and aged people and behave gently with his workers. He should also keep peacock feathers to please Saturn.

Things that should not be done if a person has debilitated Saturn in his kundli

If Saturn is in a debilitated state in one’s kundli he/she should not behave rudely with workers and servants.

He should avoid taking food items made of salt, mustard oil and sesame. Alcohol can also evoke negative results from Saturn.

The person should not shave on Saturdays and avoid sleeping on the floor.

The Saturn stricken person should wear a finger ring made of black horse’s nail or boat iron rings. But he can wear the things only if they are prescribed by a astrologer and sanctified by the same.

Sadhe saati person or other dosha stricken person should follow these remedies by which good results from Saturn can be gained.