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Astrological Remedies 1 - Moon, Mars and Mercury

Jyotish UpcharVedic astrology says that there is a direct impact of planets on our lives. If planets in a kundli are found to be weak or are in debilitated then they have a malefic impact on one’s life. So, to restrict the bad results generated by weak planetary positions one should follow the remedial methods related to them.

Remedies for Sun
If Sun is in debilitated or in an afflicted position then the person should make donations to calm down its negative impact. Some effective donations includes a cow along with its calf, jaggery, gold, copper, and wheat.

Donation of Sun’s gemstones is also beneficial. It has been mentioned in Vedic literature that donation proves to be most effective when it is made at the right time to the right person.

The above stated things should be donated on Sundays during noon time and a person of age between forty to fifty years should perform this act.

The negative impact of Sun can be reduced by feeding cow with a mixture of wheat and jaggery. The affected person should keep fasts on Sundays and serve poor people sweets made of wheat.

If a person’s kundli contains debilitated Sun then he should serve his father and elder people as the Sun god likes such acts. Praying to the Sun god at early hours is also beneficial.

What should not be done in Sun’s debilitated position:
If any person is suffering due to Sun debilitated position in his kundli he should not take wheat and jaggery. Wearing things made of copper will also give you negative results, so, avoid wearing them.

Remedies for Moon
If Moon is in debilitated and or weak in your kundli, and you are suffering its inauspicious influence, there are some astrological remedies by which the negative impact can be reduced. Donation is considered the most sacred remedial method in every religious text. So, perform it wuth a pure heart to minimize the evil influence of Moon on your life.

Some effective donations for Moon are white clothes, milk, silver, rice, etc. the influenced person should offer water to thirsty people. Donation of Moon’s gemstones is also very good.

Some important facts that should be kept in mind while making the donations for Moon are: The days should be Mondays and the time should be evening hours. Donations should be given to women as it is considered good. If your Moon sign is weak then keep fast on Mondays. Feed a cow with wheat-bread and crows with rice mixed with sugar. Serve milk dessert to poor people and Brahmins.

The negative tendency of Moon can be reduced by taking care of your mother and other elderly female persons.

Things that should not be done if you have debilitated Moon
If position of Moon is debilitated in your kundli, then avoid taking milk everyday. Stop wearing white clothes, and perfumes. You can also donate gems related to Moon.

Remedies for Manglik Dosha
Astrology provides some remedial methods to pacify Mars from enforcing its malefic influence on you. An affected person should donate red ox, red clothes, gold, red pulses, and sweet bread. He/she can donate gemstone of this planet to calm it. This donation should be performed on Tuesdays at afternoon.

The affected person should keep fast on Tuesdays and feed Brahmins or poor. He should meditate ten to fifteen minutes regularly. There is shortage of patience in Mars stricken people. To develop patience and tolerance he should take care of his younger brothers and sisters.

Things that should not be done if Mars is debilitated
If Mars is in debilitated position in your Kundli, then try not to lose your temper and self-control. Avoid hurry and do not indulge in materialism.

Remedies for Mercury
Indian astrology recommens some remedies to reduce the malefic impact of Mercury,. Donation of gold, green cloth, pulses, vegetables and green things is effective. Donating green bangles and clothes to eunuchs are considered best to calm Mercury. The act of donation should be performed on Wednesday afternoons.

Some other important remedies to calm down Mercury are to feed green grass and leaves to cows, serve milk desserts to Brahmins, etc. The affected person should keep fast on Wednesdays and give water to a Tulsi plant regularly except for Sundays.

Mercury affected person should take special care of their daughter, sister, and maternal aunties as Mercury cools down by these acts