It is Important to Assess the Stri Dirgha for a Happy Married Life

Parents want their children to be successful in life. They try their level best to settle their kid’s life and bless them with all the happiness from their side. Marriage is the most important part of life and any mistake means trouble throughout life. This makes marriage a serious concern for the parents. Astrology says that before fixing a boy and a girl’s marriage, their Kudalis should be thoroughly examined so that negative factors can be identified.

In north india people generally see the matching of Ashtakoot Milan. In this type of matchmaking there are a total of thirty six points. The level of points indicate how suitable the match is. A minimum of eighteen points should match for the marriage to be considered as ok. The higher the points the better the match. Gunas are based on the Janma Nakshatra of the boy and the girl. Along with these Manglik Dosha and Dasha system is also considered for matching of horoscopes.

Stree Dirgha

South Indian astrology follows the principles of Devarshi Narada. This is also known as ‘Stree Dirgha’ or ‘Kanya Door’. In this method the groom’s Nakshatra is counted from the Nakshatra of the bride. 3 circles each are formed by 9 Nakshatras. According to Indian astrology a couple will have an uncompromising relationship if the groom’s Nakshatra is in the first 9 just before the wife’s Nakshatra.

Similarly if the husband’s Nakshatra is in the second 9 from the wife’s nakshatra then married life will be normal. And if the groom’s Nakshatra is situated in the 3rd circle of 9 planets it is considered excellent for the couple. In this case the duo will have a very loving married life. If the boys Nakshatra is within the same line of Nakshatra, then it is considered bad.

Marriage is a social responsibility and a human legacy. It nurtures the family tree and social traditions. In this aspect astrologers say that it is very auspicious if the husband’s Nakshatra is in the 14, 15, 16, 17 or 18th place from the wife’s Nakshatra.

Placement of Nakshatra of husband from 19th to 27th is considered even better. This arrangement in the marriage Kundali blesses the couple with many children and strengthens their love and relationship.This is also good for the happy married life and longevity of the couple.

According to the sayings of Devarshi Narada some distance between the Nakshatras of male and female is auspicious. If while counting it is determined that the couple’s Nakshatras fall close to each other it may not be a favorable sign for their married life as it reduces the positive results. But this verdict is contradictory to the Nridur Dosha.

However today we find that people are themselves checking the points on several astrological sites. If a positive result is computed then people go ahead. However it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer to ascertain the matching of horoscopes of a boy and a girl. After all it's a matter of starting a new life, entering a new relationship and, this aspect should not be taken lightly as there are many factors that need an experienced astrological advice.