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Aaye Varga (Income) and its Importance in Indian Marriages

The Indian culture is considered the richest culture in the world. Indian philosophy and spiritualism attracts the whole world. Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is a part of Indian tradition. The term ‘Jyotish’ means light, i.e. astrology is the light by which past, present and future can be seen. 

The kundli which is the most important part of Vedic astrology is required to obtain information about each and every aspect of human life. According to the Indian tradition, before fixing a marriage the kundlis of the bride and groom are thoroughly assessed so that their future life remains peaceful and compatible.

In North Indian astrological method kundli matching is done by Ashtkoota whereas in South India it is done by the Beeskoota. The Aay Vargh is one of the vargh of Beeskoota. Here in this article we will discuss about the Aay Vargh and its importance while matching kundlis of would be married couple.

The Aay Vargh is significant factor in this matter because it shows the income of a family post marriage. Basically in Northern India the Aay Vargh is determined in the Vaastu of a a family, i.e. when a family purchases a new house then after the Griha Pravesh is over astrologer determines the Aay Vargh and predicts what will be the income level of the family members.

But according to South Indian astrological method the Aay Vargh is determined while matching the kundlis of the boy and the girl. There are 8 types of Aay Vargh. They are, Dhwaj, Dhoom, Singh, Kukkut, Vrish, Khar, Gaj and Kak.

These 8 Aays are placed serially in the 8 direction starting clockwise from east direction from Ashwini 3 times. The remaining 3 nakshatras are established in Dhwaj, Dhoom and Singh. After this the nakshatras of the bride and groom’s are matched.

Astrologers say that there will be a chaotic relationship between the couple if the husband and wife’s birth nakshatras fall on the Aay Varghs which are 5 houses apart from their nakshatras. In Northern India the Aay Vargh follows the same system of Vargh Enmity because the 5th Vargh is enemy to the Varghs of the husband and wife. That’s why the 5th Aay is also malefic.

While matching kundlis for marriage purpose if it appears to be malefic then the couple may have stresses and conflicts between them in their married life. Astrology says that the line in the Aay Vargh has 2 enemy nakshatras on its 2 points which creates difficulties in conjugal life. But it is auspicious for the couple if the nakshatras leave the 2 ends of the line and settles in another line. The diagram above will help you to understand the Aay Vargh.