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The Influence of Saturn’s Sade Sati

20 December 2009 11,993 views One Comment

People visit Shani temple on Saturdays in significant numbers and worship lord Shani with mustard oil, sesame, black pea pulse and light a lamp. The reason for this devotion towards lord Shani is the “unknown fear of Dhaiyya and Sade Sati”.

Here, we will discuss about this unknown fear and Sade Sati.

First of all, we will discuss “What is Sade Sati”? The meaning of Sade Sati in words is seven and a half years. According to Vedic Astrology, all planets rotate from one sign to another during transit. Saturn also obeys this rule. When Saturn enters into the twelfth sign from the Ascendant then it completes its transit by moving through the next two signs from that particular sign. The time-period of its transit is seven and a half years which is called “Sade Sati” in Astrology. Since the movement of Saturn is slow, therefore, Saturn takes two and half years to travel across one sign.

For instance: if Aries is the twelfth sign from your Ascendant and when Saturn enters in this sign then it will move through Taurus and Gemini respectively and complete its transit.

There are different beliefs and views about the beginning of Sade Sati. According to the ancient beliefs, the Sade Sati of Saturn starts when Saturn transits through a specific sign. Although, it is not a rational belief but it is used because it is ancient. There is one more belief in this regard, i.e. when Saturn enters into the twelfth sign from the birth-sign then the period of Saturn begins and when enters from the birth-house to another house then the period ends.

Astrologers make calculations on the basis of these arguments to know the beginning and end of the period of Saturn. In this mathematical method, the degrees of Moon are required to obtain the time-period of Saturn. Moon is considered as the central focus in this method. Since Saturn transits through three signs during its period of Sade Sati, the degrees of these signs are added and then divided into two parts. The distance between the two sides of Moon is of 45 degrees in this procedure. When Saturn reaches at the starting point of this degree then the period of Sade Sati begins. When Sade Sati completes 90 degrees then the period of Sade Sati ends.

However, on one hand, there are different ideologies about the period of Sade Sati, and on the other there are different emotions and thoughts regarding its influence. People get afraid and think negatively when they hear about the period of Sade Sati. Astrologers believe that people need not be afraid because Sade Sati gives different results in different signs. Some people get its results in the beginning while some people get relieved before the end of the period. Sometimes people get its results in the later-half of the period while some have to bear its effects even after the end of the period in their birth-chart. Therefore, you should not feel afraid from the period of Sade Sati.

It is important to note before concluding that the twelfth house from the birth-Moon is very important in the birth-chart. Because it is close to the sign of Moon. According to Astrologers, the twelfth house represents the legs of a person who is suffering from Sade Sati and also influences his mind. Due to the influence of Sade Sati on the mind of a person, he may get involved in immoral practices and may also face some problems in his life. Therefore, we should be careful while taking decisions during the period of Sade Sati.


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Time February 3, 2011 at 6:42 am

what is the effects during sadesati dasha. please say also its solution.

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