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The Impact of Cancer in Kendra Houses

4 July 2010 6,462 views One Comment

Results of Cancer in the Ascendant
The person whose horoscope has Cancer in the Ascendant will be emotional and sensitive. He is hardworking and always wants to live a secure life. He will be practical and helping. If lord of this sign is under malefic influence then the person is moody.

Results of Cancer in the Fourth Sign
If Cancer is located in the fourth house then the person is emotional and gives importance to traditional culture and relationships. He has clear goals in life, and makes strong efforts to achieve his them. The person’s character is good and is popular because of his intellect and qualities.

Results of Cancer in the Seventh House
This Yoga makes a person emotional and moody. The person with this Yoga should avoid partnership in business.

Results of Cancer in the Tenth House
The person with this Yoga believes in simple living and high thinking. He wants to get respect and honor from society. He likes to perform moral activities.

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Time January 28, 2011 at 7:51 am

The person whose horoscope is cancer is suitable for Business partner?

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