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The Impact of Virgo Signs in Kendra Houses

12 July 2010 6,717 views One Comment

Results of Virgo in the Ascendant
If Virgo is in the Ascendant house, the person is good at mathematics and has an analytical mind. This person is intellectual and knows what is good or bad for him. The person may achieve success in academics due to this Yoga. This person is versatile and has the knowledge of different fields. He is worried about his work.

Results of Virgo in the Fourth House
If Virgo is in the fourth house, the person may not be clear about his objective. Due to which, sometimes he is unable to use his capability and strength at the right place. This person is intellectual, well-educated, wealthy and talented. His friends may be selfish due to which he may not get the support of his friends during tough times.

Results of Virgo in the Seventh House
The location of the Virgo sign in the seventh house helps the person to spend his money wisely. This person may have limited resources but he is intellectual, efficient and competent at work.

The person’s life partner is soft-spoken. He is emotionally dependent on his life partner.

Results of Virgo in the Tenth House
This person may become a businessman and may use his intellect at right place. He is knowledgeable and an expert. He is able to increase his work efficiency with his experience. If Virgo is in the tenth house, the person may be confused in taking decisions.

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Comment from seema
Time January 28, 2011 at 7:35 am

kya mai Vigro sign ke logo ke sath Business karna lavdayak hoga ?

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