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Determination of Health and Diseases in Jaimini Astrology

30 June 2010 14,500 views 4 Comments

Zodiac signs represent and rule over different parts of our body. Malefic and benefic influence on the organs depends upon the conjunction of signs or planets aspecting them. The aspect of the 9th lord on the 8th house is good for the health of the native.

According to the method of Jaimini Astrology, the Ascendant and other houses influence our head, face, neck, arms, stomach, shanks (jaghanam), buttocks, sexual organs, legs, eyes and ears.

Sun or Ascendant, whichever is stronger, denotes the body while Moon or Ascendant, whichever is stronger, denotes the heart.

If Pitrukaarak and Matrukaarak planets are placed in front of the Sun, the person will bear problems in his late 40s.

Location of Aatmakaarak planet in a particular Navamsa (karakamsa) is said to pose certain troubles and dangers.

The results of the location of Aatmakaarak in different Navamsas (karakamsa) are as follows:

  • Aries gives fear of cats, rats and similar creatures.
  • Taurus gives fear of bulls, horses and similar quadruples.
  • Gemini gives cutaneous diseases and obesity.
  • Cancer gives dangers from aquatic sources and diseases like leprosy.
  • Leo gives fear of dogs and other canine animals.
  • Virgo gives danger from fire, skin troubles.
  • Libra gives danger of obesity.
  • Scorpio gives fear of animals, insects and reptiles.
  • Sagittarius gives automobile accidents, falls from high places like hills, mountains, upstairs etc.
  • Capricorn give troubles from fishes, whales, wild animals, women and spirits.
  • Aquarius gives mental disturbances, insomnia.
  • Pisces gives watery diseases, particularly dropsy and swelling of feet.
  • If Moon is in karakamsa and Mars has its aspect, the person will suffer from complicated diseases.
  • If karakamsa is in conjunction with Gulika and Mercury aspects it, the person will be affected by swelling of testicles or Hernia.
  • If karakamsa is in conjunction with Ketu and is aspected by or associated with other malefic planets, the person will suffer from problems related to ears.
  • If Moon is in the 4th house from karakamsa and Venus has its aspect on it, the person will be affected by the disease of white leprosy.
  • If Moon is in the 4th house from karakamsa and is aspected by Ketu, the person will suffer from diseases like black leprosy.
  • If Mars and Rahu are located in the 4th or 5th house from karakamsa, the person will consume liquor. If Moon aspects Mars, he will be addicted to alcohol and his condition will be incurable.
  • If Mars is in the 4th house from karakamsa, the person may suffer from serious health diseases like brain tumor and abscess or some minor skin problems, eruptions or boils.
  • If Ketu is in the 4th house from karakamsa, the person will suffer from dropsy.

Most important factors in Jaimini astrology for the determination of health and diseases are Ascendant, the sign occupied by Aatmakaarak and karakamsa planet and the 6th house from these places.

Afflictions and consequences of the 6th house from Aatmakaarak and karakamsa are more serious than the 6th house from the Ascendant.


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Time January 29, 2011 at 12:41 am

Kya Formula of Astrology is good for Health ?

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I have not read such a beautiful article.

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Remarkable! Its in fact amazing post, I have got much clear idesa about from thiks post.

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