Many people get the illusion of Zed gemstone  by seeing Chrysoprase.Which is why it is should be studies carefully before buying.  It is of nickel pigment. The stones are big  in shape ,smaooth and light in colour. Its;
Analysis of the chart and making the perfect predictions requires mixing of different methods of judging the horoscope. Ashtakavarga is the system of analyzing chart with respect to   8 reference points. In general, the chart is;
This gemstone belongs to Pyroxene group, and is made from silicon and magnesium minerals. This gemstone is available in different categories of chromium, and found in bright colours known as Diopside.This gemstone is of very soft material.;
Nakshatra is the group of stars. They have a significant place in Indian astrology. Nakshatras have been analyzed since ancient times. Personality of an individual is analysed by knowing the Nakshatra in which he is born. Auspicious and;
Is Wearing Ruby Stone Favourable for Me? Ruby stone is known by different names like: Kurwind, Vasuratna, Ratnanayak, Lohitratna, Raviratna and Lakshmi Pushya. In Hindi it is called Manik and in Marathi it is called  Manikya. There is;
Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna. Presence of planet can modify the results. for;
Nabhas Yoga is different from the other Yogas formed in a Kunali. It is believed that there are 3600 different types of Nabhas Yogas. Out of these 1800 have been divided into 32 categories depending upon different principles. These Yogas;
Tiger eye is of dark yellow color. It is called Chiti in Hindi. It contains golden brown lines. Polishing is done to brighten the sub-stone. This substitute looks like the eye of a tiger hence, it is called Tiger Eye. It is believed that;
The second house in a Kundali is also known as Dwitiya Bhava. It is also commonly known as Panfar Bhava, Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava and Vaak Bhava. What does Dhan Bhava denote  Dhan Bhava denotes the following : Money,;
Every person is worried about some or the other thing. In order to solve his problem, many a times he know and check his future. After which he gets many sorts of advices. He is given knowledge about worship, chanting mantra etc. Many a;
According to the scholars, the person choice to enter in a business depends on the sign present in the ascendant. A person makes his living according to the sign that appears in the ascendant and the planets placed in it. It is believed;
Amethyst is called Jamunia in Hindi. At many places it is known as Billor. It is worn as substitute of Blue Sapphire. This substitute is found in abundance in nature. It is colorless. The Amethyst with dark color in the center is;
A person born in Shakuni Karna is efficient in solving up disputes. He has the ability of making agreements and handle disturbed issues. He knows how to built up coordination in big companies. He might also have good knowledge of making;
The devotees of Lord Shiva worship him according to their faith and devotion. Everyone is involved in worshipping Lord Shiva. The importance of worshipping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan has been mentioned in the Rigveda.  The;
This crystal was founded in 1791 by a French fossil scientist named Deodat De Dolomieu while travelling through the Alps. It was on his name that this crystal, founded its name of Dolomite. This crystal cannot be found on the earth’s;
Muhurta has great importance in Vedic astrology. People consider Muhurta before to perform any important task because it brings positivity in the time and will assist you get good results. But, we cannot analyze Muhurta for the daily;
Aspects are angles between two planets or between a planet and any points on a horoscope. When planets form certain angles with each other, they interact, they work together.These aspects are the Conjunction (approx. 0 -10°), Sextile;
Lal Suryakantmani is also called Red Jasper. This substitute of Manikya is opaque. Out of all the substitutes of Manik, the most effective and maximum sold is the Red Jasper. This substitute is said to contain some divine powers. Pop John;