Sinhalite Gemstone

The gemstone has been named after Sinhala.Cylon Island was known as Sinhla or Sinhli in Sanskrit.Presently this is the ancient name of Sri-Lanka. Because this gem is found on this island , it is known as Sinhalite gemstone.This gemstone was first founded in 1952. There is a saying related to this gemstone , that in ancient times Suleman, the Bible King brought this gemstone Sri-Lanka to win over princess Sheba’s heart There are many stories said in Cathy and Arab countries about this gemstone.Some of the gemstones found there are vary popular such as Sinhalite and Silonite.

Sinhalite is a rare gemstone and is only found in Sri-Lanka.This gem did not get much recognition in Gemstone market. Its demand is very less.When this gem was founded , it was recognised as Brown Peridote. But after testing , it came out to be a new gemstone. The broken pieces of Sinhalite , gives the illusion of Jarkan and Crysoberyl.This gemstone is best suitable for gemstone collectors. 

This is a sparkling gemstone.It is found in transparent and translucent both qualities.It appears as if broken down into two pieces.White streaks and patches can be seen on this gem. The colours appear different from different corners. It seems very clear.

Qualities of Sinhalite Gemstone.

This gemstone encourages the person to bring positive changes in him and inspires his ideas and thoughts. It is beneficial to bring positive changes in every aspect and improves many aspects of a person’s life.It is helpful to give rise to a person&rsquo life and holds the power to complete all the tasks and develops the feeling in the holder that he should not leave any work in between.

Colours of Sinhalite Gemstone.

It is medium brown in colour i.e neither too dark , nor too light. A light shade of yellow can be seen in this brown colour.Sometimes it also found in a mix shade of green-brown and sometimes it is seen in green-yellow shade 

Where is it found

The major mines are found in Sri-Lanka , where it is found in abundance.Presently it is also found in Myanmar, Russia , and Syberia .Other than this, wherever it is found the quantity is very less. 

Who can wear it .

Anyone can wear it based on their needs.It can be worn any day during Shukla Paksha.The holder can wear it in any form depending upon his wish. It can be worn either in the form of locket or a ring. 

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