Rishi Garg - History of Astrology | Garga Samhita | Narad Puran

Garga Rishi is one of the important 18 Saints of astrology. Rishi Garga has majourly contributed in  VastuShastra and Ayurveda. Garga Purana describes the rules of astrology in detail. 

 Rishi Garga , composed a Garga Samhita , based on 6 parts of astrology science. Astrology Samhita written in ancient scriptures includes Narad Samhita , Garga Samhita, Bhrigu Samhita, Arun Samhita, Ravana Samhita, Varahi Samhita, etc are some of the major samhita scriptures.
Sage garga has also been considered as the priest of Yadava’s , and her daughter was known as Devi Gargi.

In India astrology is considered to be an important aspect of vedas.  Rishi Garga is one of the 18 saints considered as a foundation of astrology has done a commendable work. Astrology has been studied since ancient times, and is presently has reached to the modern day classes .Garga samhita is not only an astrology based scripture , but also describes the magical deeds of Lord Krishna. This is a popular astrology scripture, and is used for the research in the astrology field .

Garga Samhita gives the detailed knowledge of Krishna’s Character. It also written in this Granth, that Lord Krishna and Radha were even married. In Garga Samhita , based on the astrology parts of body , rewards have been assigned.

Rishi Narada 

Rishi Narad , is well known as the great worshipper of Lord Vishnu.Naradji’s compositions based on astrology , is an answer of many of the astrological based questions. Additionally it is , he also composed Vaishnav Purana.It is believed that any person who studies Narada Puran, gets salvation from his sins. ,

Narad Puran Vastu Scripture
Narad has described all the 6 senses of Vedas in Narad Purana. Narad Puran provides theof households. Directions and corners has been explained in detail. It gives knowledge on  home loan, income stars, and share resources.

Narada Puran is not only an religious scripture ,but is also an astrology scripture. It is believed that this Purana was composed , by Narad’s mouth. itself  This purana is divided into two parts.  His first parts consists of 4 chapters and describes the topics which includes the birth of shukradev, education on recitation of Mantra’s ,and rules and rituals of worship.The other second part includes various mythological tales,

Narad Contribution to Astrology
Purana’s written by Naradji  mentions Mathematics of astrology , Principles , Hora Wing, Star’s Effect, Planetary Motions etc.

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