The Ashtakavarga System | Effectiveness of the Ashtakvarga

Astrology has become a a diversified subject. To make the predictions accurate and to the point various methods and systems have been developed by great Intellectuals and Astrologers. The prominent system of prediction is through 1.Janam Kundli 2 Chandra Kundli  3.Navmansha Kundli.

Janam Kundli(Natal Chart) guides us to predict the physical factors of the native. Chandra Kundli guides us to predict the mental factors of the individual and Navamansha Kundli helps to understand the strength of the planets and find the actual status of the problems.

Predictions made through birth charts are all static and physical. To predict and understand  the minuteness of the chart the gochar or transitions system was derived.  Transition or Gocharphala of planets has also been found to be unchanged at a broader aspect. hence, to f go further deep in the Analysis of the chart, the  great Astrologers and Wizards developed a more effective system of prediction i.e. The Ashatakvarga System.

As per Indian Astrology only seven planets i.e. the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn have been considered, along with this planet the rising ascendant has been given equal importance. Thus the analysis of the 7 planets and the rising ascendant together forms the Ashlakavarga System.

In the Ashtakvarga System, sun related chart has been given the name of Suryashtak varga, Moon related chart has been named as Chandrashtak varga, Mars related chart has been named as Mangalshtak varga, Mercury related chart as Budhashtak varga, jupiter related named as Guruashtak varga, venus related as shukrashtak varga and saturn related as Shaniashtak varga. and based on rising ascendant has been named as Lagnashtak varga.

With Suryashtak varga we mean the position of sun in relation with the rising ascendant  and the other planets. Also its strength in relation to the other planets. The analysis should be done scientifically and not based on orthodox system. In the same way the Moon’s position and strength  calculated in reference to the rising ascendant and the other planets is chandrashtak. Mars position and strength calculation in reference to rising ascendant and other seven planets is Mangalashtak. Mercury position and strength calculation in reference to rising ascendant and other seven planets is Budhashtak. Jupiter’s position and strength in reference to seven planets and ascendant is Guruashtak while saturn’s position and strength in reference to the seven planets and rising ascendant is Shaniashtakvarga

Ashtakvarga has been found  very effective in the calculation of age. Ashtakvarga also helps to find out the  the time of incident of any event to occur. Also, at times it has been seen that the position of a planet in the chart seems to be excellent but the results generated are not good, this sort of discrepancies can be well understood through Ashatakvarga. 

To understand the effectiveness of the Ashtakvarga a research was done. Two charts with Aries rising and venus placed in the second house were taken. It was found that one person was a multimillionaire and other was struggling for survival. In general, if we see we find that venus placed in the 2nd house in rising Aries is its own house and has the strength to produce excellent results in terms of wealth and money. But when the Ashatak varga of the chart was formed it showed the positon as well as strength of the venus in reference to the other planets. it was clear why there was a difference in the status of the two person from this experiment that Ashtakvarga is the micro Analysis of the chart.

Thus Ashtakvarga helped in calculating precisely  the strength of the planets in the horoscope and helped in the accurate predictions of the chart.