How to observe fast In the Indian Hindu scriptures, fast are considered as a might act. Scriptures state a belief that observing fast helps in the attainment of mental peace and happiness and fulfil an individual’s wishes. In the;
There are a lot of indications about the beginning of Sawan month. Dense clouds can be seen in the sky during the Sawan month. These clouds relieve the earth from the heat on raining. This month gives us a message to deal with the;
According to astrology, the various features of Mercury are Wisdom, Education, Friends, Trade and Business, Mathematics, Scientific knowledge, Speech, Print, Teaching, Family, Pearls, Oysters, Black magic, humor and quick witted. These are;
This sub-stone is a kind of gypsum. In ancient time, people of Egypt used this substitute. It is one of the most soft stone found in nature. Hence, it is used in jewellery and idols. it is mainly found in Italy. It is a very delicate;
If we try to understand Prashna Kundali in simple words then it is just the map of transiting planets at that instance of time. Suddenly a wish is born in the mind, what will be future of this thought. Will it be completed or not? To solve;
SukhFourth house comes fourth in line counting from the ascendant in Kundali. The fourth house is related to the following : mother, domestic happiness, land, paternal property, stable - property, vehicles, virtue, loyalty, friends,;
Tourmaline GemstoneTourmaline is called Vaikrant in Sanskrit and Shobhamani in Hindi. This sub-stone is found in all the colors present in nature. Hence, it is also called ‘Color Cocktail’. Many a times, this substitute contain;
First date of Moon month is called as Pratipada. One moon month is formed by 30 dates. Each month has 2 Paksha, one is Shukla and the other is Krishna Paksha. Both Paksha have 14 dates. In a month, Pratipada comes 2 times. Once in both the;
In a moon month, Ashtami Tithi comes after Saptami Tithi. Moon has two Paksha, hence this date comes two times in a month. A Paksha is determined through Purnima or Amavasya. Krishna Paksha starts after Purnima and Shukla Paksha starts;
For the people of Taurus sign, Mars is transiting in the 12th house of Aries sign. There will be an increment in money funds. You will get relief from controversies and accidents, during this time. Political issues will get solved. Marital;
According to the scriptures, observing fast on Sunday is beneficial for people having weak position of sun in their horoscope. The Lord of this fast is Sun. Out of the nine planets, Sunday fasting is done to please God sun. This fast;
Turquoise in Sanskrit is called as Peroj or Haritashm. This substitute is said to give abundance of everything. It is an opaque sub-stone and has a huge demand in the present time. Color of Turquoise is sky blue. At times it is little;
  Vishakha Nakshatra is the 16th of the 27 constellations according to Hindu astrology . Guru (Jupiter) is the Lord of this constellation. Due to this, people born under this constellation have a keen interest in learning, knowledge;
A number of different colours can be seen in this Uparatna (Gemstone). It is a translucent stone and its shape depends on the way it is cut. Due to the cutting, it is seen green from some angles and red from others. In the same way, other;
Iolite is a substitute of Blue Sapphire. In Hindi, it is called Kaka Nili. It is found in various colors ranging from blue to purple. It is of blue, dark blue, purple, violet and purple color with a hue of blue color. This substitute is;
This is a rare Uparatna ( Gemstone ). It is more lustrous in comparison to Diamond. It was discovered by E.F Glocker in 1847. The word Sphalerite was derived from a Greek word meaning incredible or treacherous rock. The other name for this;
This gemstone was discovered by Professor James Dwight Dana in 1888. As the quantity of Beryllium is more in this crystal, it is named as Beryllonite. It is a breakable gemstone. It should be experimented with lot of care and;
The name of the gemstone is formed by a Greek word  Pyr , which means fire. This is one gemstone , which has remarkable similarity with gold.This gemstone gives the illusion of gold , and people get deceived by its brightness.This is;
There are 12 signs in astrology. These signs influence a person’s life through their nature, qualitites, environment and importance. A person’s nature and environment depends on his birth sign and his ascendant sign. A;
The fifth house is also called Prem Bhava. It is the house of learning and is known as Trikona bhava or Panfar bhava. It is related to the following : children, wisdom, intelligence, gambling, fame, position, intellect, emotions, first;