The Janam Nakshatra of a child is the one in which the Moon is present at the time of his birth. All astrological texts mention twenty eight Nakshatras including Abhijeet. Janam Nakshatra describes a person’s character and nature.;
Uttara Bhadrapad Nakshatra is the 26th Nakshatra out of the 27. If Abhijeet Nakshatra was included in the counting then, Uttara Bhadrapad would have been the 27th Nakshaktra. According to Rashichakra, it is situated in the Pisces sign.;
Hal Yoga is formed when all the planets in a Kundali are placed in second houses from each other and from the ascendant. This Yoga falls in the category of Nabhas Yogas and has been named according to the shape of its formulation. ;
Each Zodiac sign when ascending  carries its own definite mental, physical and personal characteristics. But is practically implied only if there is no planet in the first house or Lagna. Presence of planet can modify the results. for;
Zircon is the substitute of diamond. Zircon is called Tursava in Hindi. In English it is called Hyacinth and Jacinth. Zircon Upratna is a very valuable gemstone in itself. It has a historical significance. Zircon is being used from many;
One can determine the auspicious Muhurtha according to days to perform auspicious tasks. In this article we will talk about the tasks auspicious to perform on Sundays: Auspicious Direction for Traveling on Sunday If the person is planning;
Uttarashadha Nakshatra is the 21st Nakshatra. People of this Nakshatra have gratitude in their behaviour. They have religious faith. They have special interest in doing religious works. People of this Nakshatra get happiness and support;
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In Astrology, Yoga means the conjunction of two planets. Additionally, a Yoga can also be formed due to mutual relations between two planets. A Yoga is also formed even when two or more planets are interchanging houses among themselves.;
Analysis of auspicious Muhurtas for tasks will make possible for you to meet your goals easily. But, it is tough to find accurate Muhurta for every work and nobody has spare time to wait for the positive Muhurta. In this situation, if you;
The third house is also called the Parakrama house. This house is also known as Apiklim, Upchaya and Trishdaya house. Some things related to the third house are strength, courage, longevity, little brother, short trips, writing,;
The sixth house is known as the Gyati bhava. It is also known by various other names like Rog bhava, Trik bhava, Duhsthan bhava, Upachaya bhava, Apoklim bhava and Trishadaya bhava. It is best for a person if this house is weak in his;
Peron born in Falgun month is fair in color. He take interest in works of Charity. And, he is able to earn money through intellectual tasks. All his works depict his intelligence. He enjoys all sorts of materialistic happiness in life. He;
Fast on Monday is observed to please Lord Shiva. In Monday fast, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped.  All men and women can observe this fast. Observing the fast in systematic manner is beneficial. According to the;
The first Shloka of Rigveda mentions about gemstones. Also, importance of Ratna is mentioned in Agni Puran, Devi Bhagwad, Mahabharata etc. In order to remove the Dosh or defects of Kundali, every person takes the help of gems. A person;
Charoite gemstone was first found in 1947 in Russia in the mountains of Myron in Yakut but the information about this gemstone was available in as early as 1940. At that time, this gemstone was found in 325 miles in the North direction;
Pisces sign is the sign of Jupiter, who is the friend of Mars. Mangal (Mars) shall not give friendly results for everyone. Out of the 12 signs, this entry of Mars will bring profitable results for few and it may brings situation of ups and;
Revati Nakshatra is the last Nakshatra among the 27. It is formed by combination of 32 small Nakshatra. These 32 stars or Nakshatra form a shape of Mridang in sky which is called Revati Nakshatra. On moving south to the Uttara Ashadha;