Rose Quartz | Venus Sub-Stone (Who Should Wear Rose Quartz)

This sub-stone is found in light pink color with a hue of light yellow. The best substitute is the one having light pink color. Rose Quartz is known as the symbol of love. People who lack love in their married should wear this substitute. Rose Quartz looks transparent but it is translucent. Transparent Rose Quartz is very rare to get whereas, translucent is easily available. It is used in various things. 

Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz increases self-love. It makes a person optimistic towards life. It helps in healing the wounds of emotional hurts. It reduces the heart pain. This sub-stone removes loneliness. It prevents the repressed feelings from getting hurt. It increases the tendency of forgiveness. It provides internal peace. This substitute is mainly used for heart. It is such a sub-stone that help people in an emotional way. It makes them strong.

This sub-stone removes negativity from a persons life. This substitute shows a person less then his original age. His beauty is maintained. Some people believe that Rose Quartz should be kept in water at night and wash your face with this water in the morning. Doing this is useful for facial skin tightening. Fine lines of face get reduced. 

Miraculous Properties of Rose Quartz

People who feel much of physical tiredness should keep a piece of Rose Quartz in their hand for some time. This reduces his tiredness. It gives relief from stress and worries. It energizes the body. Person wearing this gem get economical help from it. This substitute protects a person from harmful radiations. It removes any sort of anger or hatred from a persons mind. 

It helps in smooth blood circulation. It helps in elimination of sexual weakness. Rose Quartz is good for diagnosis of diseased reproductive organs.  

Who Should Wear Rose Quartz

Everybody can wear Rose Quartz. It should be worn by people in who’s Kundali Venus is the lord of auspicious house but is in a weak position. 

Who Should not Wear Rose Quartz

Do not wear this sub-stone with the gems of Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

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