Effect of Conjunction of six planets | Conjuction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

Every person is born with different auspicious and inauspicious Yogas. These Yogas and Dasha provide a person with positive as well as negative results. The planets involved in these Yogas provide a person with the respective results based on Dasha-Antardasha. Planets in a Kundali are usually situated in different houses. But sometimes, two or more planets are situated in the same house. Usually, no more than eight planets are present in a single house.

People born with five, six, seven or eight planets in the same house usually face a lot of ups and downs in life. Such people are involved in a lot of interesting incidents. They are extremely skillful. One things that should be noted is that in such Yogas, Rahu and Ketu are not involved.

A conjunction of six planets can be seen after a long gap. The effects of this conjunction depend on the nature of the planets that are involved. A person receives positive and negative effects based on the different planets.

Conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus

A person born with a conjunction of these planets is very intelligent. He is highly educated. He is spiritual and fulfills all his responsibilities. Such a person is very fortunate and lucky. He is generous and earn a lot of money after a lot of struggle. Such a person has a good marital life and is blessed with a child. He likes travelling to places related to the nature and religion.

Conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn

A person with the conjunction of these planets is very generous. Such a person is content by helping others. He is devoted towards the Lord and is very religious and spiritual. Such persons are very caring and always try to make new friends. They help their friends and are loving towards their parents. Such people also get many opportunities to travel abroad.

Conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn

A person born in this Yoga is beautiful and attractive. Such a person is interested in music and singing. He is also interested in other arts including acting. Such a person is skilled and friendly. He has a good sense of humor and receives a lot of fame in his field. He conquers his enemies and wins all arguments. Such persons receive all material benefits in life. The only problem with them is that they don’t trust anyone easily.

Conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

A person born with this conjunction is intelligent and loves to travel. He is not stable. Such a person is brave and courageous. Such people are a bit selfish and take quick decisions without a lot of thinking. Hence, they have to bear the results of their decisions taken in anger or excitement. Such people are prone to sexual diseases after 45 years of age.

Conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

People who are born in this yoga are of wandering nature. They have unstable minds and are of versatile nature. They are never able to take any decisions due to instability in thoughts. These people face obstacles in business as well as in receiving higher education. They do not get much happiness from family and marital life. People with this yoga usually get success in foreign countries or by working away from their place of birth. They get advancement in their workplace and establish reputation only after the age of 40.

Conjunction of Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

People born in this Yoga receive higher education. They are intelligent and skilled. Such people like travelling abroad. They spend most of their time travelling abroad and on pilgrimages. They are always in touch with people of power. They are interested in religious matters. They are generous and receive all the material benefits. Such people are also interested in astrology.

This Yoga includes the conjunction of Mars and Mercury. A person with these planets is a good orator. Such a person receives fame in the medical sector. People in this Yoga are also skilled in sculpting and other technical works.

Conjunction of Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn

A person born with this conjunction is intelligent and interested in religious matters. He is also very spiritual. He is successful in earning money with his knowledge and intelligence. Such a person receives all material benefits. He receives benefits from Government related areas. He has an attractive life-partner and is blessed with a child. Such a person is also interested in astrology,dharma and yoga.