How is Bheri Yoga Formed | Pushkal Yoga | Viranchi Yoga | Shubhachari Yoga | Kalsarp Yoga | Akhandh Samrajya Yoga

Bheri Yoga is formed when the Ascendant, Jupiter and Venus are in the centre from each other and the ninth house is strong or when Venus is in the first, second, seventh or twelfth house from Mercury and the tenth house is strong. This Yoga gives health benefits and enhances the life-span of a person. This Yoga makes a person excel in power and politics. Such a person receives income from various sources. Such a person is spiritual and keeps himself happy.

What is the Pushkal Yoga 

Pushkal Yoga is formed when Moon is strong and influences the ascendant and there is a strong planet in the ascendant. A person born in this Yoga is soft-spoken and receives acclaim and respect in life. He also receives various awards in governement related areas.

How is Viranchi Yoga formed 

Viranchi Yoga is formed when Jupiter or Saturn belong to a friendly or an exalted planet and are present in the centre or in the triangle of a Kundali. A person born in this Yoga is spiritual. He is generous and compassionate. This Yoga enhances a person’s financial status. Such a person receives respect for social and charitable works.

How is Shubhachari Yoga Formed 

Shubhachari Yoga is formed when any auspicious planet except the moon is in the twelfth house from the Sun. Shubhachari Yoga provides benefits similar to its name. A person born in this Yoga is smart, beautiful, soft-spoken, popular and is also respected. He is also financially stable.

How is Akhand Samrajya Yoga formed

Akhanda Samrajya Yoga is formed when Jupiter is strong and is the Lord of the second or the fifth house and the Lord of the eleventh house is in the centre from the Moon. This Yoga enhances the life span of a person and he receives all the happiness in his life. It provides success in political fields. 

How is Kalsarp Yoga formed

Kalsarp Yoga is formed when all the planets are between Rahu and Ketu. This Yoga is considered to be inauspicious. A person born in this Yoga is always surrounded by the ups and downs of life and is not stable. He has to face a lot of problems. There is a myth about this Yoga that it affects the life span of a person. It is more effective during Rahu-Ketu dasha or when Rahu-Ketu transit the Ascendant, the Moon or the Sun. Rahu_ketu dasha brings numerous ups and downs in life.

When the ascendant is influences by an auspicious planet, the effects of this Yoga are cancelled. It is also cancelled if Rahu is in the Vishakha Nakshatra. It is mandatory for all the planets to be present between Rahu-Ketu and not Ketu-Rahu if this Yoga is to be formed. This is because Rahu is at a distance when Ketu comes first after the ascendant. In this condition, Kalamrit Yoga is formed.