Lapis Lazuli | Substitute of Blue Sapphire (Lapis Lazuli Gemstone)

Lapis Lazuli is the substitute of Blue Sapphire (gemstone of Saturn). This sub-stone is explained according to the stars of sky. It is blue in color and contains various kinds of blue color hue. Spots of white and yellow color can be found in this substitute. The best variety of Lapis Lazuli has no such mixture. 

Lapis Lazuli Properties

Lapis Lazuli has amazing ability to increase he super natural power. It finishes sadness and stops fever. Negative energies are vanished by wearing this sub-stone. Throat related problems are removed on wearing this stone. This sub-stone is favorable for people suffering from diabetes. It increases the stamina of a person.

Supernatural Powers of Lapis Lazuli

There is a development of mental capacity by wearing this sub-stone. Peace of mind is attained. There is a clarity in thoughts. Development of efforts is seen. People involved in teaching should wear this sub-stone to improve their capabilities. They can concentrate on their work. Lapiz Lazuli increases creative self-expression of a person. This substitute removes the worries of an individual and grows spirituality. It also help people who understand the minute values of life. 

Who should wear Lapis Lazuli

A person should wear Lapis Lazuli if, Saturn is the lord of auspicious house but is in a weak position in the Kundali. 

Who should not wear Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli should not be worn with Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral and their substitutes. 

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