Relation of Moon With Other Planets In The Second House of Lal Kitab

The second house of the lal kitab is known as the house of religion. The karaka planet of this house is Jupiter. Thus is it also known as the place of guru. A planet located or transiting through this house is also known as the planet of fortune. However, the base of this plant is the fourth house as it gives wealth and happiness to the native.

Moon and Sun

The placement of Moon and Sun together in the second house give auspicious results. The native attains courage and experiences improvement in the physical strength. He is dedicated towards his responsibilities and adopts the path of power and strength. Moon in this house is considered to be auspicious for the native. Both the planets in this house give favourable results for a long period of time.

The native gets the benefits of paternal inheritance. He contributes its major share on religious and charitable works. This placement can give problems from females leading to conflicts.

Moon and Mars

Moon and Mars share a friendly bond. This placement is considered to be the auspicious for the native. If Moon and Mars are placed strongly in this house, they give auspicious results till 52 years. On the other hand if Mars alone if auspicious and strongly placed, it give benefits until 28 years.

He is blessed with good wealth and good family support. However, if in any case one of the given planet is afflicted in this house it can cause rise in unexpected expenses and health complications.

Moon and Mercury

The placement of Moon and Mercury in the second house is considered to be favourable if none of the planets are afflicted or aspected by the malefics. In this placement both the planets tend to give favourable results.

When these planets conjuncts each other in the second house the native attains wealth and experiences increase in fortune. But, the native fears that he may not be able to handle the pressure of handling money himself. He doesn't feel confident about himself.

Moon and Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter placed together in the second house of lal kitab always give fruitful results. This house belong to both the planets. Thus, they are capable of giving highly auspicious results. However, if any of the planet aspects or conjuncts with Mercury or Rahu, it is not able to give good results.

Moon and Venus

Moon with Venus in the second house of lal kitab is considered to be an highly auspicious position. The native attains success in love matters. He is blessed with sweet voice. He attains love and affection of everyone around him.

Moon and Saturn

Moon and Saturn in this house give average results. He attains stable financial position. But, sometimes this placement can also lead to unexpected incidents that cause stressful situations in life. The native develops the fear of arms and ammunitions. In order to pacify the effects of these planets the native should always do good deeds.

Moon and Rahu

Moon placed with Rahu in the second house results in conflicts with family. He may have to suffer from separation from family or stay away from them for a long time. His ability to speak fluently is also affected. However, the conjunction of these planets in the second house makes the native religious.

Moon and Ketu

Moon and ketu is not considered to be a good placement in the second house. The native influenced with this placement develops the tendency to remain upset for no reason. With strong placement of male planets, the native is able to get some auspicious results.