Relation of Jupiter With Other Planets In The Second House of Lal Kitab

Jupiter and Sun

This combinations is considered to be favourable for the native. The effects of both the planets can be seen till 39 year. Both these planets signify wisdom and purity. This is the reason the native lives a very simple and honored life. He is respected and adored by everyone in his social circle.

Combination of Jupiter and Sun in this house give the pleasure of house. Such a person becomes the owner of a lavish property. He is also blessed with a happy family and children. He attains all the luxuries with his determination and hard work. Such a person is courageous and confident.

The native has immense belief in religion. He adopts the path of purity and spirituality. Such a person can also possess aggressive behaviour, but that will always be temporary. He dreams to love a luxurious life and is able to attain with hardwork and dedication.

Jupiter and Moon

Jupiter and Moon placed together in the second house of lal kitab also give fruitful results. Both of these planets belong to this house and thus give favourable results. In this house, the effects of Moon increase.

With the influence of both the planets, the native also gets favourable benefits of other planets. He is able to attain his goals successfully. There can be more than one sources of income. It is a good placement for mother. The tnative can also attain the pleasure of property.

Afflicted Jupiter and Moon in the second house of lal kitab can give highly inauspicious results. Intrusion of Mercury or Rahu or their aspects on Jupiter and Moon can lead to havoc results.

Jupiter and Mars

Native with Jupiter and Mars in the second house of lal kitab is able to attain the pleasure of family. He is blessed with a blissful married life. He gets immense benefits from his in-laws in every aspects of life. He gains respect and honor in the society.

The native is attached to his family and takes into consideration all the favorable factors before taking any decisions regarding family and home. HE is appreciated for his conduct and courage. He is hard working and attains high position at work place.

The native I blessed with good friends. He gets their support and guidance in every spheres of life. People pay attention to the words of such person due to his intelligence and patient nature. Afflicted planets in this house can give unfavorable results as well.

Jupiter and Mercury

Placement of Jupiter and Mercury in the second house of lal kitab makes the native intelligent and scholar. He believes in perfection. Every work that he undertakes is accomplished with perfection. He gains respect and honor in the society for his accomplishments and intelligence.

This placement makes the native financially independent. But, it can also lead to financial losses to the father that can create stressful situation for the native. However, both the plants will give some or the other favourable results to the native at every stage of his life. The native attains success through various profitable activities. He is blessed with good communication skills. He attains support of his family that help him to take his life to the next level.