Fifth House in Lal Kitab

This is a house of inauspicious and auspicious results. This house gives mixed results and is analyzed to determine the inauspicious and auspicious results of a native’s life. It also determines the all the things related to children. The planets that sits in the fifth house aspects the ninth house. Thus, if the ninth house is afflicted, then it gives inauspicious results.

Guru Teve Jab Tak Umda Aulaad Dukhi Na hOti Ho

Panch Paapi Guru Manda Teve Bijli Chamka Deti Hai

Jupiter is the karak of the fifth house. If Jupiter is auspicious in the horoscope, the children of the native get auspicious results. However, if the fifth house is afflicted and Jupiter is not in the favourable position, then it will definitely affect the life of the child of the native too. If the placement of the Moon is strong in the teve, then auspicious results are attained.

Shani Shukra Ta Do Koi Manda Bijli Chamakti Mandi Ho

Chandra Bhala To Chamak Ho Umda Asar Halat Do Jaldi Ho

This means when Saturn or Venus are weakly paced in the horoscope, then the native has to suffer from inauspicious results. But, if Moon is strongly placed then there can be some relief for the native.

Health of the native may suffer if the Venus and Sun or only Sun or Jupiter is in the fifth house with malefic planet or Venus in transit in the ascendant. The health condition can become more complicated, when the Venus or other malefic planet is placed in the fifth house and Jupiter and Sun enter the ascendant.

The sixth house and the tenth house are known as the house of hell and stubbornness respectively. It is said that the fifth house forms a relation with the eighth and tenth house. When the sixth and the tenth house become afflicted, the native has to suffer from inauspicious results.

Ghar Teesra Ya Chaitha Ya Hove Navam Manda Bura Asar Panchawa Deta Hai

6 Aur 10 Khwaha Dost Uska Shatru Jahari Aa Hota Hai

This means the negative effects of the third, fourth and ninth house affects the fifth house. The planet in the sixth and the tenth house is counted as the enemy. Even if it is the friend of the Sun, the lord of the fifth house, then also this planet is considered to be the enemy of the fifth house.

The planet that sits in the sixth and the tenth house becomes the enemy of the fifth house as well. The negative influence of the both the planets affects the life of the child of the native. The effects of these planets depend upon the position of Sun and Jupiter in the horoscope. A weakly placed Rahu in the teven can give opposite results. Those who can understand, it says “ Ketu Bhala To Sab Kuch Bhala, Umda Rahu Mande Sab Ulta Hota Hai”

Houses in Lal Kitab Kundali - Part 1