Effects of Conjunction of Jupiter with Other Planets in the first house of Lal Kitab

Jupiter and Sun

Conjunction of Sun and Jupiter in the first house of Lal Kitab Kundali leads to a person living a king’s life. Person enjoys the riches of life and gets to live lavishly. He gets respect from people around him and the native also strives for leadership. In this conjunction sun is considered to be Lord Vishnu and Jupiter is considered to be Lord Brahma.

With this combination of planets the person is destined to be noble and spiritual in life. The person is very successful in jobs that require hard work but there are some possibilities of late success in some efforts. However, when Saturn and Rahu aspect these planets then a person can face some difficulties in life.

Jupiter and Moon

Combination of Jupiter and Moon in the first house is considered to be very beneficial for obtaining money in life. However, such a person can only acquire money and success with his own hard work. Native also receives good results in education.

Jupiter and Mars

Combination of Jupiter and Mars in the first house of Lal Kitab Kundali works wonders for a person in terms of financial conditions. Such a person has traits of courage and braveness. However, if Jupiter is situated in the seventh house of Lal Kitab Kundali then the native does not receive good results of Jupiter and mars combination.

Moreover if malefic planets are located in the house of Jupiter then a person’s father can suffer from respiratory disorders. Downfall in financial conditions can also occur but one can overcome this by donating things that are related to Jupiter.

Jupiter and Venus

Combination of Jupiter and Venus in the first house leads to disturbances in the household but a native also gets respect and admiration in society. Also, when Rahu aspects this combination then bad results are predicted for a person. A person can experience mental disturbances and reduced luck.

Jupiter and Saturn

Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter can result in a person living a life of a monk. A person communicates just like a knowledgeable person but such a person does not experience any riches of life. Financial conditions are not good and this effect increases when Saturn is in its debilitated sign.

Jupiter and Rahu

When Jupiter and Rahu are located in the first house then a person gets traits of generosity and charitableness. This kind of person can earn money through various means in life. However, if this combination of planets is aspect by malefic planets then that person’s father can suffer from respiratory disorders for 16 -21 years.

Jupiter and Ketu

Combination of Jupiter and Ketu in the first house leads to a person getting comforts and the person also gets most amenities of life. When enemy planets form a relationship with Jupiter and Ketu in the first house then negative effects of all planets get cancelled out.

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