Second House in Lal Kitab

In astrology, the second house in a Kundali is known as the house of wealth. However, in Lal Kitab, it is known as the house of religion. Since its Karak planet is Jupiter, it is also known as Guru Mandir (Jupiter’s Temple). A planet which is present in this house or transits into this house is known as the planet of fortune. However, it is also associated with the fourth house in a Kundali. This is because it is related to happiness and wealth.

If the tenth house is vacant, the planet in second house is considered to be weak or in a sleeping state. The fourth house is known as Karma Sagar. The house of fortune and ninth house are like an ocean. Everything passing from here collides with the second house and try to make you more fortunate.

According to Lal Kitab, eight house completely aspects the second house. Second house partially aspects the sixth house. Hence, they are influenced by each other. Sixth house is auspicious if second house and eighth house are vacant.

If second house is vacant, it gives auspicious results. If eighth house is vacant, Jupiter is weak. If second house is vacant, it is a powerful source for spirituality. This house is also known as Marak. A planet in eighth house influences this house. Jupiter may be the Karak planet for Marak house if the eighth house is vacant.

Second house is known as Dharma Mandir and eleventh house is known as Guru Dwar (Jupiter’s Door). All the houses give different results. Planets in second house give results in old age. Even if these planets are weak, they give auspicious results in old age.

According to Lal Kitab, Taurus sign is present in second house. Its ruling planet is Venus. However, it is also believed that malefic planets Rahu-Ketu are present in second house. On one hand, second house is related to fortune. On the other hand, it is considered to be Marak.

This house is also analysed to gather information about the native’s old age. Moon is exalted in this house. Irrespective of its state, this house is related to fortune. This house also depicts the native’s Karma. Ninth house is the foundation of second house. The following lines explain all you need to know about the second house.

Ghar Chal Kar Jo Aave, Duje Graha Kismat Ban Jata Ho

Khaali Pada Hai Das, Jab Teve Soya Hua Kehlata Ho

Buniyad Samudra Graha Nau Hote, Pahad Ucha Graha Do Ka Ho

Chaal Asar Graha Duje Baithe, Jer Asar Brahaspati Saya Ho

Hawa Barish Jo Nau Se Chalti, Takkar Duje Par Khaati Ho

Aath Pada Ghar Jab Tak Khaali, Asar Bhala Hi Deti Ho

Shuru Umar Me Asar Duje Ka, Ghar Chate Par Padta Ho

Jaati Asar Ho Nek Jo Apna, Wakt Budhape Badhta Ho

Buniyad Mandir Ghar Chautha Ginte, Aath Chate Se Milta Ho

Khaali Hote Brahaspati Mandir, Teve Asar Ruhani Umda Ho

Houses in Lal Kitab Kundali - Part 1