Relation of Saturn With Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in the Second House of Lal Kitab

Saturn and Sun

Saturn and Sun situated together in the second house of lal kitab affects the speech of a person. Such a person is likely to be aggressive in his speech. He sounds enthusiastic and energetic everytime he talks. However, being enemy planets these effects can also get reduced or completely dissolved. Also, other planets are not able to give their auspicious results at various point of times due to influence of Sun and Saturn’s placement in the horoscope.

Saturn placed with Sun can also lead to increased ego and proud behaviour of the native. Such a person may not be successful in deriving work from government officials. Females are likely to face more problems due to the enmity of both the planets.

Saturn and Moon

Saturn and Moon placed together in the second house leads to unnatural behaviour. The native experiences unusual behavior patterns that often create disturbances in the family environment. it is considered to be a favourable position for wealth and finances.

The native attains inherited wealth from paternal side. Sometimes, the native may also have to live away from home due to the influence of Saturn in this house. Accidents and loss of luxury are also indicated in this placement. In order to pacify the effects of these planets the native should always do good deeds and help people who are in need. The native should also be careful about hhs health.

Saturn and Mars

With Saturn and Mars forming relation in the second house of lal kitab, the native attains more benefits from outsiders than his own family members. The native becomes a self-made person and attains wealth through his own hard work and determination. He may also get rich through lottery or unexpected gains. He is able to attain wealth through foreign relations as well.

Such a person is not able to use his family’s wealth for his own good. This position of Mars is not considered to be good at this place, but Saturn helps to attain wealth in life. Such a person likes to live a simple and peaceful life.

This is a very auspicious placement in terms of in-laws. The wealth prospects of the native increases. He attains wealth and luxuries through in-laws. However, influence of any malefic in this placement can lead to problems with in-laws as well.

Saturn and Mercury

Placement of Saturn with Mercury in the second house of the lal kitab give immense benefits to the native. He earns his livelihood in the form of commission. Such a person gets good results from the things related to the Saturn such as machinery. He always get good people to work with when it comes to service of any kinds.

The native is blessed with intelligence. However, influence of malefic on this placement can result in obstacles in academic life. Health of the native remains good and he gets good opportunities in his career as well. Unfavourable situations can give problems to father, giving obstacles and unexpected troubles.

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