Relation of Sun With Mars, Mercury, Moon and Jupiter in the Third House of Lal Kitab

Sun and Moon

Sun conjunct Moon in the third house of lal kitab is considered to be a favourable placement. The native with this placement is blessed with immense courage and strength. He does all his work with utmost courage and attains favourable results. He is able to accomplish all his works successfully with his intelligence.

The native attains wealth and financial benefits with the influence of Sun and Moon. He lives a luxurious life. Such a person has a tendency to adopt self-absorbed nature. He can be selfish and self-centered in life. Such a person is only concerned about his own needs. However, if Sun is afflicted or weak in this placement the native have to suffer from financial losses. The native will be conscious of his financial status. His relatives prefer to stay away from his due to his behavioural nature.

Sun and Mars

Sun and Mars placed together in the third house give separate results according to individual characteristics. With the influence of Mars, Sun gets exalted position in this house. It is considered to be a beneficial placement for native. It helps the native attain wealth and overall good health. The native is likely to enjoy good health that will become the major reason for his success in life. He also attains strength from Mars.

Such a person is hardworking and determined in his work. He believes in accomplishing all his work with perfection. This may not be a favourable position for siblings, The effects of Sun and Mars can cause stress and conflicts between siblings.

Sun and Mercury

Sun and Mercury placed in the third house give favourable results. While Mercury being in its own house has the potential to deliver auspicious results, Sun’s friendship with Mercury also make it favourable for the Native. Both the planets are capable of delivering highly auspicious results to the native. Such a person is loyal in love affairs. He is honest and truthful in relationships.

Such a person understands the value of relationships and always strives to maintain a good rapport with his partner. He is determined in every relationship. This placement is also considered favourable for Rahu. The native is able to complete his education successfully. He also gets the opportunity for higher education.

Sun and Jupiter

The placement of Sun and Jupiter in the third house of lal kitab also give auspicious results. But these planets only give good results when the native is not greedy and performs only good deeds. The planets may not be able to give good results when the native is thinking of doing any kind of bad deed.

With the influence of Jupiter the native can become a scholar of his field. He can help others to attain better education. He is blessed with opportunities that help him attain success and reputation in this field. On the other hand, afflicted or weakly places Sun can result in financial loss. He may also have to sacrifice inherited property in such circumstances. But the position of Jupiter can help the native get over with such situations.

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