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Muhurutha for Cremation Samskara

27 December 2009 4,283 views No Comment

The sixteen Sanskaras is a cycle, which starts from conception and goes through various stages of life. Our scriptures say if there is a soul then it will roam around from one body to another body till it gets liberation. Due to this, Cremation Samskara should be performed to release the soul from this world.

Our body is the constitution of five elements which are earth, fire, air, water and sky. These all elements will go back to their place after cremation and the soul will get a new form but it may not get redemption. Astrology suggests two types of Cremation Sanskaras.

In the Presence of Dead- Body
When dead body is present then there is no need for Muhuruta. As per astrology, when Moon is placed in the Aquarius or Pisces then it will form Panchak yoga. If a person dies in the panchak yoga then the dead body may suffer from Panchak Dosha. Family should perform some remedies to prevent Panchak dosha. According to this remedy, family members should make five different statues in the form of body and cremate them along with the dead body. This remedy will prevent this dosha.

In the Absence of Dead-Body
If dead body is not present or available then the family should cremate the statue which is in the form of body with grass, flowers and rice flour in the cremation. Muhurutha is important for this Sanskara.


The position of Nakshatras is important when you find Muhurutha for symbolic cremation. If Nakshatra is Shravan, Hast, swati, Ashwini or Pushya then it will be appropriate for cremation Muhurutha. Uttarafalguni, Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadrapad, Rohini, Anuradha, Purvafalguni, Punarvasu, Vishakha, Mrigshira, Chitra and Ghanishtha are medium Nakshatras for this Sanskara.


Sunday, Monday and Thursday are appropriate days to perform this ritual.


Setting period of Jupiter and Venus is not considered as a good time for symbolic cremation. Nakshatras and days which are not mentioned above will also be bad for this ritual. Bhadra Dosha is also not good for this Sanskara.

With cremation the sixteen sanskaras of Hindu religion will be completed.

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